Thursday, October 9, 2008

Handbags Or Hand Bags

There are all kinds of bags from leather to fashion ones and handbags to purses. The very purpose of any handbag is to carry some personal items in it. For centuries women have carried all kind of bags made with different materials. These have been an important part of fashion history. Rich and affluent used embroidered designs and jewels to show their status and influence in society.

In modern times handbags are becoming a kind of fashion statement now. Designers every season keep coming with unique and distinctive styles. More and more women folks are joining work culture and not only they need for daily use but they need to carry different styles, colors and shades for different occasions. Parties and weddings are the big events where women would love displaying the best of their outfits complimenting with stylish gorgeous leather bags. Prom is the time young girls love to carry fancy little purses..

The kind of personal and intimate items the women can carry in it are beyond anyone's guess but these items serve the very single purpose as containers. Since designers have realized the changing needs of today's women's needs, these creative minds keep coming with many sectional dividers or separators inside the bag and zipped or unzipped pockets to carry different items in each of these sections like for sunglasses, cosmetics, cell phones, cards, money and the list goes on.

Versatility, quality and the functionality are the key factors when it comes to choosing the right kind of bags but at the same time it must be stylish and fashionable enough to fit one's persona. It is hard to find any women who have only one handbag. Like the clothes and jewelry woman must have many different styles and designs and size bags.

Handbags come in every color and shade and are available in many sizes styles from very fanciful to bold, chic and trendy to classics. Different styles are good for different times and purpose.

Among all the materials like cloth, nylon and jute, leather is still the supreme when it comes to choosing best-designed handbags. Leather too has many types such as calf or crocodile and each has its own uniqueness of texture and grace. Quality of leather is very important and designers always look for best and top quality soft leather when it comes to making these top of the line high fashion handbags. Buy the one you like most.

By Kheri Chawla

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