Thursday, September 10, 2009

Suede Handbag - How to Take Good Care of It

A suede handbag is the perfect fashion accessory today and it has become a dream possession of every fashion conscious woman. However, since the suede leather is created from the lower layer of the lambskin leather, it tends t get dirty very easily as it absorbs dirt and moisture at a rapid rate. To avoid such problems with your suede handbags and prolong their life, you must follow some simple steps to ensure that you are taking good care of them. With proper regular care, you will be able to use your favorite suede handbags for many seasons to come.

You will require a few important things to take care of your favorite suede handbag. To clean and protect your handbags from dirt and moisture, you will require a suede brush, suede protector, suede cleaner and a hard rubber eraser. It is best to buy a suede cleaner and water repellent along with your suede handbag to ensure good care of your new handbag from the very beginning. You will need to spray two layers of the suede protector on your handbag to ensure proper protection. It is advisable that you complete this procedure on the outside and in the absence of strong wind, so that your suede handbag easily absorbs the protector liquid.

For the daily care of your handbag, you can brush it gently with the suede brush to keep away dust and other particulate matter from the surface of the bag. However, do remember to brush in one direction only. Multi-directional brush strokes will damage the texture of your suede handbag. If possible, read the instruction booklet that every manufacturer provides with their suede handbags, which contains instructions about the proper brushing technique to maintain your handbag's condition.

The most important aspect that you must consider while taking care of suede handbags, is that you must keep them dry. Moisture harms the texture and softness of suede, damaging your handbag considerably. If you wish to clean stains off your suede handbag, you can use the hard rubber eraser to rub off the stain off its surface. Under no circumstances, should you use soap on your handbag. Always remember to stuff paper in it when you want to keep it in storage so that it is able to retain its original shape. These are the few simple steps, which you must follow to take good care of your suede handbag.

By Sarah Pucci