Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Women's Handbags: Spruce Up the Ordinary

Do you ever find your wardrobe is missing something? Have you ever wondered how to make an outfit more or less formal? The answer to many of today’s wardrobe problems can be answered with the handbag. You do not have to run out and buy an entirely different wardrobe; a new handbag will spruce up the average jeans/t-shirt ensemble, or add life to an everyday work outfit. This can make an otherwise casual outfit a little dressier without sacrificing comfort. That same handbag can also add to a formal or business ensemble by adding a little glimmer that catches anyone’s eye.

If you find yourself stuffing your wallet into your back pocket or grabbing the same boring and worn-in satchel, a bright and trendy handbag can turn frumpy into fantastic. Some people believe that the handbag they have carried for years is just the perfect size and some have even developed an emotional attachment. A healthy wardrobe, however, consists of more than one useable handbag. Many other bags are able to fit just the right amount of makeup and other essentials. Not all designer handbags are impossibly small or unnecessarily big. There are all types and sizes to fit with every personality type.

Also, beautiful women’s handbags do not have to be a drain on your wallet; many are inexpensive and very durable. Choosing a great handbag is easy; if it catches your eye, it’s a keeper. Every time you wear it, you’ll feel great and sexy.

By Kimi Lasser

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coach Carly Handbags vs Coach Duffle Handbags - Which Do You Prefer?

The Coach Carly Handbag and the Coach Duffle Handbag at first glance looks very similar until you take a good look at the styles and the designs of the bags. With the material of the bags being similar in textures its no wonder people sometimes confuse the two bags.

Being that the Coach Carly handbag and the Coach Duffle handbag are both made of soft signature materials with similar designs to them, they each have their individual traits to them.

For starters, the Carly is soft and slouchy, but the Duffle seems to be softer and slouchier. The Duffle comes only in Coach’s signature leathers and in one style, the classic signature with the solid colors. The Carly on the other hand comes in a variety of styles and colors that are sure to please any handbag enthusiast. It’s made of soft materials with iconic Coach hardware with turn lock closures and dog leash clips. Its similarity to the duffel is the slouchy design they share, but the Carly has far more power in the design department over the Duffle.

The Coach Carly handbag comes in styles such as the classic signature, leather, demi, canvas, pouch, and the New! Signature Cotton. These bags come in small, medium and large and go from sizes of 9” in length to 17” in length. The costs of these bags will run anywhere from $178.00 to $498.00 in stores. The duffles pretty much come in only one size, 8 ½” in length to 10 ¾” in height, but cost much less than the Carly. The Coach Duffle handbag will cost you about $228.00 - $298.00 in the stores.

The Carly handbag has made a major design change over the years. With all of the newer styles emerging bi-annually it’s no wonder the Carly is one of the most popular of the Coach line of handbags. You will see women and young girls wearing this bag more often than some. With it’s sophisticated style and fashionable looks, it has become a bag that women of all ages will gladly carry around for all to see.

Even though the Duffle lacks multitudes of designs, it makes up for it in style. Its sleek style allows the owner to wear it with any and everything. You can match any outfit with these bags and not have to worry about your bag clashing with your shoes. The classic black bag goes well with any shoe. If you’re smart, you will get the Duffle in black and brown to insure your bag will match your shoes. Trying to match your shoes and outfit with the Carly bags can be done just as well. Carly bags come in solid colors as well making it simple to match your outfit with your handbag.

All in all, the Coach Carly handbag and the Coach Duffle handbag have one main thing in common. Each will both fit any style that a woman can come up with. You are sure to find that perfect handbag for yourself. All you have to do is want it.

By Nicole Ross

The Coach Women's Handbag Accessory

Having a Coach Women’s Handbag Accessory

Everyone wants to have the things that the celebrities have, and everyone wants to have things that can make them feel special and that they can enjoy. A women's purse or handbag is one of the most important accessories to bee seen with. Having a Coach women's handbag accessory is something that most people would like to do at some point in their lives. However, because of how much a Coach women's handbag accessory costs, you have to be sure that you are getting the real deal.

How Do You Know Your Coach Women’s Handbag Accessory Is Real

If you’re going to truly look like a celebrity, you want to make sure that you have a real, original Coach. The best way to make sure that your Coach women’s handbag accessory is real is to make sure that you are buying it at a Coach store or a place that is licensed to sell Coach merchandise. This is really the best thing that you can do because this way you know what you are getting and you know that you are getting a name brand as well as a good quality accessory. A Coach women’s handbag accessory can run you a lot of money, so be sure it is what you are looking for.

The best places to buy Coach women’s handbag accessories are online or in Coach stores, where you can know that you are buying the real thing.

Most of all, enjoy your shopping experience, and make sure to get the Coach women’s handbag accessory which will last for years.

By Harry Bernstein

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prada Leather Handbags - Exuding Style

Prada leather handbags are undoubtedly beautiful and eye catching. Within their collections they have different colors, fabrics, designs and sizes, thus you have a large variety to choose from. It all comes down to what your personal style and taste is, but you will certainly get what you are looking for. With all designer handbags such as Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs there is one thing they have in common and that would absolutely be the eminence of their products. When creating their accessories Prada sometimes use leather, which always gives an attractive and stylish end product.

Leather was the first material ever used when people started making bags, as a simple way of carrying their coins, today times have changed and these leather bags are available in different colors and types of leather. If you already own a leather purse you will know that good craftsmanship combined with the quality offers a good investment. Prada had the "Frame Bag" which was made of crocodile leather and retailed for $15090.00, thus this leather is very expensive. In the fashion industry a dead crocodile is more terrifying dead than alive, due to the fact that if one mistake is made during the tanning process the expensive leather is worthless. However don't let the price tag scare you, there are other beautiful skins, such as buffalo, python,lamb etc which aren't so expensive.

Out of all the handbags a leather bag will be a good choice. If you are not going to buy a leather purse from a reputable dealer then you should be cautious of counterfeit handbags, as Prada handbags are commonly replicated. You certainly do not want to pay a lot of money for a counterfeit purse. Inspect the handbag thoroughly and if there is one stitch out of place and it doesn't have that signature leather smell to it, you know it is a counterfeit.

At the end of the day you will not get a inexpensive leather handbag and if they are too pricey and your financial plan wont allow you obtaining one, you could always consider borrowing designer handbags or perhaps buy a pre-owned handbag. If you are going to invest in a leather handbag make sure that it is not a seasonal fashion buy, this will limit you as the handbag wont be fashionable for long, rather opt for something graceful and classic. Prada leather handbags are indeed a good investment and will be your much loved companion.

By Vivienne Neveling

The Top Three Prada Bags of All Time

Nine times out of ten, getting a Prada handbag is going to be a good fashion investment. Today, the vast majority of these bags look really nice, are versatile and are trendy additions to your wardrobe. But there are three special bags that Prada has made that are going to stand the test of time and that you going to just keep on carrying season after season, and year after year.

So, what are the best Prada handbags? These are purses that women can carry them around because they are versatile, made of high-quality materials and trendy.

Prada Prize #3: The third best Prada bag is the Prada bowling, which came out this year. This is cute and timeless, which means that you will be able to carry it wherever you go. Another great thing about this bag with two small handles is that you can get it in several colors and styles. The Prada bowling bag is boxy and big enough to hold almost anything that you would need. Whether you want it in red, green or a classical color like black, you'll be able to find it.

Prada Prize #2: The second best Prada bag doesn't have a name, but the BR2375 is total luxury. Made from buffalo leather (how the buffalos got to Italy is beyond me, but somehow Prada made it happens), this bag is soft and delish. It has a push lock closure and the back flap folds over the front of the bag to close it. Everyone will know you are carrying a Prada because of the metal faceplate. This bag is classic and classy.

Prada Prize #1: The number one Prada bag is the shopper's leather shoulder tote. You may be wondering why a shoulder tote is the number one Prada handbag, and the answer is simple. If you are able to carry a Prada purse with a retail price of over $1000 to the grocery store, and are able to put your purchases from the mall in such a luxurious bag, people are always going to equate you with this. With this Prada purse, you are going to be able to carry it everywhere, and everyone will be jealous of your bag.

Now that you know the top three Prada bags, you may want to know the three Prada bags that you should keep your fingers off of. Sure, the celebrities and super models can get away with carrying these, but the average woman will just look like a clown with these.

Bad Bag #3: Unless you just escaped from the circus or are a nanny, keep away from the Prada Plex Stampato Tote. This bag just looks like a mess. Plus, with a retail price of about $1200 it's not an affordable mess. Once you carry it, you'll not be able to carry it again, because everyone will notice this loud bag.

Bad Bag #2: For $2,600, women can get the Prada bag of the future: the metallic gaufre messenger. If you are planning on dressing like Judy Jetson for Halloween, this may be the right bag. Otherwise, you may want to pass. Puffy, shiny and quilted aren't really a good mix.

Bad Bag #1: The Prada Napa Fringe Hobo is another that ordinary women won't be able to carry. Carrying this purse would make any normal woman look like there was a small animal growing out of her arm. The best advice for this is to let the celebrities carry it, and just laugh at them.

Sure, Prada is known for good bags, but there are a lot of them that you should not buy. If you think about your purchase and go for a classic bag, you'll be able to carry it around for a long time.

By Casandra Brooks

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to Purchase a Hermes Birkin Handbag

The Hermes Birkin Handbag is what some would call a must have handbag. The Hermes Birkin has become an icon of ultimate luxury and discovering how to purchase a Hermes Birkin Handbag can become an obsession for some. The Birkin has been seen in the company of the women of British Footballers as well as on popular TV shows such as Sex in the City and Gilmore Girls among many others. The problem with the handbags is that they are very elusive and hard to get making the purchase of a Hermes Birkin Handbag very difficult.

The Hermes Birkin Handbag is made of only the top exotic leather lined with a very soft and supple matching color goat skin. The hardware on the Hermes Birkin Handbag is made of top quality materials typically plated with gold or palladium which does not tarnish like silver does. One alligator leather Hermes Birkin Handbag with diamond studded hardware was purchased for a record $64,000 plus at an auction.

One key to the purchase of a Hermes Birkin Handbag is to make sure what you are buying is an authentic Birkin. Because of the high price and scarcity of the Hermes Birkin Handbag there has been significant counterfeits or "knock-offs" produced and passed off as authentic Birkins. Look for some of these characteristics before you purchase a Hermes Birkin Handbag:

A Hermes Birkin many times increases in value and you will not find many sold for a low price. Any handbag claiming to be a Birkin that sells for less than 50% of its original value may be a fake.
"Hermes Paris, Made in France" will be blind stamped or gilted in the front face under the tap.
Always remember that Hermes only uses top quality leather and never cheap stuff. Learn the difference between look and feel of genuine quality leather and junk leather. There is a huge difference in them.
These handbags are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it shows in the quality of the handbag. A Hermes Birkin Handbag will have even stitching and it will be straight.
The craftsman also marks and dates the year of manufacture in a square underneath of the right belt. Always make sure that the year of manufacture lines up with the history and condition of the handbag.
Be careful when you purchase a Hermes Birkin Handbag and do your homework so that you do not get ripped off by a look alike.

By D.J. Snyder

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gucci Handbags - Sophistication and Style

Gucci is a name that almost everybody should know, they are modern sophistication high fashion handbags that every girl simple loves. There's no doubt, women just love handbags and some of their latest handbags are edgy, bold and carry all the elements of a must-have. Some favourites are Indy, Romy and Mirror all classic and everlasting.

The Indy Handbag is a top handle bag and comes in a couple of different sizes medium and large, it's Asia-inspired fashion with a touch of perfection and a colourful design. The Indy bag is inspired by the hobo style, come in a couple of different colours (red python, silver leather, white, chocolate leather, black suede and black leather) there's the standard Indy tassel and curved frame and handle, but this version is much more versatile than the other, flashier renditions that have been done in python and metallic.

The Romy medium tote Handbag stood out in 2007, the shiny texture of the bag was simply to die for. This bag features grommet, buckles and bright, white metal. The black patent leather is edgy and cool, and the horsebit buckle and metal plates on the corners create a unique, chic bag that oozes with too-cool-for-school attitude. It's a fun, trendy, and sexy bag.

The Gucci Romy Medium Boston Bag is sleek, shiny and squat comes in both medium and large and is available in black python and black patent leather. It's sophisticated, and the buckle detail, accented by silver, is handsome and understated.

The Gucci Mirror Evening Bag is a silver leather reflective bag, which has a pouch-y rounded shape and a horsebit buckle. The clutch, in itself, is extremely versatile and bold, but with the design of the Mirror evening bag, you can multiply the shock factor by two when people see it, is that a good this...of course it is girl.

By Elaine Smith

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Fashion Handbag

Not everyone is desperate to buy the latest celebrity handbag, and there are even those of us who don't need a designer label on our handbags. Fashion handbags are fun, affordable and you can always find one to complement your unique personality. However, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying quantity versus quality when you go the fashion handbag route, and you can end up with a wardrobe full of bags you hardly ever use. Here are 5 things to consider when buying a fashion handbag:

1. Quality

Quality is still important when buying fashion handbags. Buying a cheap bag that breaks or rips soon after you've acquired it is not a saving. Check that straps are firmly attached, zips open and close easily and the bag is properly lined. A bag without a lining is likely to end up with holes in the seams making it easy to lose small items.

2. Longevity

Although part of the fun of fashion handbags is that you can afford new bags as the fashions change, it's not worth buying bags that are so 'of the moment' that you know it won't last more than a season. You do still need one or two bags in classic styles that will see you through several seasons and hopefully several years. Disposable fashion is commonplace these days, but it's not good for the environment and it clutters up your wardrobe with things you don't use.

3. Uniqueness

One of the things I love most about fashion handbags is that there is such a huge selection to choose from, so you can usually find one that is unique to you. Who wants to walk around looking like a clone? Choose a bag that represents your personality and individuality in fabric, style and embellishment. Whether you're creative and expressive, practical and sensible or smart and minimalistic, the bags that are your favourites will always be the ones that feel like 'you'.

4. Practicality

Before buying a bag it is worth considering exactly what you will use it for. It is no use buying a beautiful evening bag that is so big you cannot be bothered to take it out with you, or a smart little day bag that you never use because you can only fit your keys into it. If you need a big practical bag to hold all your toddler and baby bits, try to opt for a bag in a practical hard-wearing fabric too, like leather or denim. Something delicate and beaded is not going to last long when it is being thrown around the park or dumped on the pool changing room floor!

5. Conscience

One of the issues with fashion handbags is how they are produced. Many are churned out in sweatshop style conditions. It is possible to buy affordable fashion handbags without compromising on fair trade conditions. These days it is not hard to find out whether an item has been ethically sourced or not, and there are plenty of shops and boutiques that have committed themselves to selling only products that have not exploited people. The bonus is that fair trade fashion handbags are usually better quality and more exciting in design than those that are mass produced.

By Louise Longworth

Hermes Bag, The Eternal Glamour Made by Unsurpassed Tradition

When it comes to the most coveted, most expensive and most valuable handbag in the world, no other than Hermes bag could be crowned with this reputation. Its beauty and elegance wins your love at first sight. The rich material and exquisite craftsmanship make it hard for you to put your hands off. It is true that Hermes bag stands prominently above all the other luxury brand bags. Like a divine queen, sitting on a throne, proudly ruling the fashion kingdom.

Anyone who has browsed the Hermes website must marvel at the great creativity of the vivid Hermes world. Do you remember the winged man? Isn't it graphically hinting that as a messenger sent by god, Hermes is delivering holy ingenuity, wit, refinement, and elegance to the world? Long celebrated for its unsurpassed tradition, the Hermes Company hands on the exquisite craftsmanship initiated more than 150 years ago. On one hand, Hermes is old-fashioned with its glorious tradition in terms of most luxurious materials, exquisite handicraft, unchanged aesthetic principle etc; on the other hand, the glamour created by tradition is timelessly elegant and in-fashion for all time, namely, the ingenious Hermes creates and transcends fashion, but never follows fashion. Meanwhile, it is a company that calls for innovation freedom without limits. Many young talented designers have been hired to offer more sparkle ideas.

The head of the company said:" We will continue to make things the way the grandfathers of our grandfathers did". Indeed they do. The basis on which Hermes sets its tone from equipage has never been changed. Only the most sumptuous materials on earth are used to produce Hermes bags and all kinds of materials are specially processed to give a buttery soft, supple yet durable finish. These materials include calf, goat, lizard and exotic skins such as alligator, porosus crocodile, and ostrich.

It is Hermes that creates the miracle of astonishing the world by a thread. The business of Hermes was "built on strength of a stitch that can only be done by hand, the saddle stitch, which has two needles working two waxed linen threads in tensile opposition." The decent and supple stitching is done perfectly by most expert craftsmanship trained for years. Each artisan of Hermes is working like peasant planting on land, and painstakingly to gain perfection of handicraft. They devote themselves on being sensitive to every touch, being able to follow what the hands are telling and control them by heart. The most experienced artisans are capable to stitch perfectly even with eyes closed. Early in the 19 century, the distinctive Hermes feature-tiny hand stitching-was established from making harness fittings for royal coronations. Each stitch should be impeccably done on the leather or silk grounding, and could never be rushed.

Hermes ineffably exceeds other luxury brands, mainly because it is true to the values, working regulation and aesthetic principle of its own, and constantly dedicates itself to using the finest materials, creating exclusively classy designs and making things deeply good. The aesthetical core is simple yet classic: abstract and sinuous, subtle and rigorous, with a sensation of disciplined perfectionism and sly wits.

Producing a Hermes bag is time-consuming and painstaking. It usually takes at least 48 hours for a skilled artisan to hand-make one. And for exotic skins for special custom orders, the time spent will be even longer. So Hermes is famous for its long waiting list, minimally two years. No wonder Hermes bag ranks the top one expensive handbag in the world. Literally, Hermes bag is an art of time. You splurge on the visible bag; in fact, you buy the invisible time spent on it. If you lose patience with waiting, may pleasantly surprise you. This is a wonderful online store for you to purchase ready-to-wear Hermes bags.

By Anna Millman

Leather Handbags - Luxurious and Costly

Everyone loves the appealing look of high quality leather handbags. The rich tones and colors of different forms of leather appeal to people from all walks of life. Even individuals that are concerned with the environment and animal rights like leather; they just prefer a good synthetic form.

In the handbag world, designers and fashion lovers adore a nice leather clutch, bag or purse. However, leather bags are more than just a clutch, bag or purse. Leather bags have a style and color selection that is seemingly endless. They can be briefcases, messenger bags or women's handbags among many other styles. Women's handbags alone are made to suit everyone and they come in many styles and shades of color. Some of the most popular styles include: hobo, tote and clutch. The colors of leather can mimic almost any color imaginable, and designers love to come up with fun combinations for every season's mix of creations.

While leather is not the only material that a great handbag can be made of, it is certainly one of the best. A quality leather handbag offers style, durability, and a long life. It may be the large investment that comes with owning a leather bag; or perhaps the careful care instructions, either way leather tends to last for years.

Especially high quality leather, it is attractive and it will last a long time as long as appropriate care is taken. When a person does not care for a leather bag in the right way it is detrimental to the heath of the leather. It can end up cracked and broken, which is defiantly a shame for a beautiful custom made bag.

Proper care for leather is actually quite simple. It starts with everyday care. Leather owners need to make sure that all moisture and grime is quickly removed from their bag. This can be as simple as wiping the bag with a soft cloth, or as extensive as using a leather cleaner. Beyond everyday care, leather lovers need to take a specialized cleaner and polisher to their bags once every two months or so. Some professional cleaning businesses may do this for a nominal fee.

Buying a leather bag or purse can be a daunting task, especially if the bag that is sought is a brand name. Brand name handbags can be difficult to obtain. In fact, there is often a waiting list each season for purses and bags made by the best designers.

Some of the most popular leather handbag designers are Gucci, Coach, Prada, Fendi, and Jimmy Choo. These bags are highly sought after by fashion lovers everywhere. They are most popular in New York and Los Angeles.

When buying a designer bag it is important to know how to spot a fake. Fake bags are marketed throughout the country. They often look very real to the untrained eye. While some of these bags may actually be well made, others are not and will not be worth even the cheap price that they are sold at. So, look in the lining. A real bag will have high quality lining and an appropriate tag from the designer. Also, check out the leather - it should be soft, pliable and appealing to the eye. If the lining is beautiful, the tag is correct, and the leather is amazing then buy the bag, especially if it is at a good price.

By Anne Clarke

How to Tell Authentic Coach Handbags From Fake Coach Purses

Online shopping has brought great opportunities to us to be able to buy the items we want and need at a great prices. It is too bad that with all good things people find a way to take advantage of others.

Selling Coach products online is a huge business. If you are looking to purchase a Coach product online, you need to do your homework before making your purchase. You need to be sure the money you are paying is for an authentic Coach purse not a fake coach purse.

Here are some tips to help you buy the real deal.

Tip #1: C Pattern Design

If your purse is the 'c' or 'cc' style stitching you will be able to use this pattern to inspect for authenticity. Look at the purse to check for the following.

a. The c pattern should go straight up and down.
b. The pattern will be centered on the front and back panel of the purse.
c. The seam will go straight through 'c' or 'cc' pattern not cutting off letters.
d. Look at a few photos online of the c pattern on the style of purse you are looking to purchase.

There should be a consistency with the pattern.

Tip #2: Leather Label with Serial Number

There is a serial number that exists in the majority of the real Coach purses that begins with 'No' that is located on the inside sewn in leather label. On some of the smaller authentic purse sizes there is not a leather tag. These styles would include the clutch, swingback, and the mini. I have also seen fakes that have the sewn in label starting with a No followed by a serial number. However, when you compare the fake label to the real one the quality of leather and imprinting is obvious which is real. The words on the label should also be in all-caps.

Tip #3: Know the Real Deal

I would suggest you visit retailers of real Coach stores to begin to teach yourself what an authentic Coach purse looks and feels like. Pay attention to the look and feel of the leather, lining, zipper, stitching and leather tag. As you become more familiar with the real Coach handbags, you will recognize a fake easier.

Tip #4: Poor Craftsmanship - Leather is Pieced Together

View the stitching on the purse. Stitches that are different in width or have threads coming out of the seam are a great way to spot a knockoff. In a real Coach handbag the stitching is impeccable.

Tip #5: Coach Style

In order to be an authentic Coach handbag it must be a Coach style. This one can be a bit tricky since Coach releases new styles throughout the year. I see the Internet as a great way to help you determine if the style you are looking at is a real style. Ask your question in a forum or blog and learn from others.

Tip #6: Zipper

Inspect the zipper of the purse. On a poor Coach knockoff, you can simply tell the difference by a looking at the zipper. A Coach purse will use a zipper with the engraving 'YKK.' Look for the engraving. If you are still not sure, zip the purse a few times to see how smoothly the purse zips.

Tip #7: C not G

I think this one should go without saying but it bears to mention since it must be working on some people. The Coach brand starts with a 'c' not a 'g.' It is unbelievably silly to me but some Coach knockoffs have the stitching of a 'g' or 'gg' not a 'c' or 'cc.'

Tip #8: Packaging

I have seen some auctions with pictures of purses with plastic wrapped handles. To my knowledge this would also be a sign of a fake Coach purse.

Tip #9: Read the About Us Section or Seller Info
Retail websites that just do not say which they are selling are normally selling fakes. Read about the retailer. Do a Google search on the retailer to see if people are happy with the service.

If you are looking to buy on ebay, purchase from someone who has a great track record for selling Coach purses. Ebay does not permit sellers to sell fakes and monitors this problem, but sellers can still slip through the cracks.

Do your homework so you can enjoy an authentic Coach purse at a great price. Happy shopping!

By Betty Baylor

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Brighton Handbags Continue To Be Popular In Today's Society

The Brighton handbag was successfully introduced to society after 1991, when Brighton was only a small collection of designer belts. The handbag soon followed and then a line of watches, perfumes, accessories, shoes, and jewelry ensued. In today's market you can't go anywhere and not see someone wearing some piece of Brighton.

In the US alone, there are 60,000 Brighton Boutiques that offer the Brighton Handbag to the clamoring public. Americans aren't the only ones in love with the Brighton Handbag; men and women in France, Italy , Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China all love the handbags. Because of the company's standard of customer service, these handbags are only sold in their boutiques.

Brighton Handbags for the Casual Woman:

The Tippi Lace Tote is a handbag with exquisite mixture of texture and croco lace. It is a study of bright colors in yellow, red, and orange, This handbag retails for over $150.

The Gina Pebble Hobo is a handbag with 11" of strap inside a zippered pocket with a back pocket. This handbag sells for a little over $200.

Brighton Handbags for the Contemporary Woman:
The Bella Zip Top Satchel is a classic style that meets modern day woman. This handbag has 2 cellphone pockets and goes for around $250.

The Sharon Soft Envelope has a 10" handle with an inside zipper pocket with a key holder. It is large enough to carry all the important things that a woman would need for a busy day. This handbag is selling for over $250.

Brighton Handbags in Fabric:

The Mevelyn Microfiber Carrier has a 13" handle with an interior pocket, cellphone compartment, a key holder and a top that fastens. This handbag is available for a little over $140.

The June Zip Top Hobo is a handbag that was inspired by Brighton's gingham hearts. This is a durable, and multi-faceted handbag created with a smidgen of polished Italian croco embossed trimming. This handbag retails for a little over $100.

Brighton Novelty Handbags:

The Betsy Stitched handbag is created with touch of an artisan who loves to have some fun. It features a 10” strap with an interior zipper pouch, 2 side compartments, a flap with a magnet for a closure, and custom toile lining. This handbag can be found for a little under $250.

The Veronica Organizer is a handbag with a 14" to 28" adjustable shoulder strap that you can detach. This handbag comes with a loop handle, a place to put your photos, and a zip top pouch with an interior slash compartment, which holds room for 4 credit cars, cash, and cosmetics. This handbag is sold for $150.

Romance in Brighton Handbags:

The Corazon Double Handle handbag is the perfect handbag for the candlelit "picnic". It features a silver hued handle in the shape of a heart with 3" grips and a magnetic closure. This handbag is going for prices around $200.

The Chantily Lace Zip Top is a handbag with a vintage feel. It features an exterior Victorian design with a 5" handle, interior pocket with a zipper, a back pocket, and attachable straps. This handbag retails for over $250.

By Gregg Hall

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gucci Handbags - The Ultimate Women's Fashion Accessory

Over its 90 year history, Gucci has had an unruly history. And yet has it has continued to grow as one of the most powerful fashion labels across the world.

Continuous in-fighting afflicted the company from day one and this was finally ended when Maurizio Gucci took sole control of Gucci in the 1980's.

But come the 1990's and the company was in financial trouble. Maurizo was forced to sell his stake in Gucci which set off a fight over the company by a range of interest groups. Once the dust had settled, Gucci was finally able to focus on its core business of fashion.

In 2007, Gucci produced over $7.5 billion in revenue.

Fantastic Fashion Handbags

Handbags are one of the most famous Gucci products. First produced in 1947, the Gucci bamboo handle handbag is one of the company's most famous products and is still one of its mainstays.

A more recent handbag produced by the company is the 'Aviatrix' large boston handbag. With pebbled leather trim, goldtone hardware, gold Gucci lock crest closure, the sand and burgundy bag is symbol of luxury fashion.

If you are looking for a modern statement, then the red leather 'Snow Glam' hobo is an obvious choice. The red, black and white textured patent leather will ensure that heads will turn. It features interlocking Gucci fabric lining with interior zip, patch and cell phone pockets.

For those with a traditional taste, the white leather 'Signoria' bowler bag is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. With gorgeous and rich supple, pebbled leather, the bag features a zip top closure, horsebit buckles and logo engraved ends caps it is a prestige handbag.

If you are looking for a very Gucci handbag, then the toffee suede 'Royal' large tote handbag is it. It has smooth suede leather trim, two-way zip closure and polished goldtone. It is a fantastic modern addition to any wardrobe.

By Sara K Clarke

The Mystique of the Fendi Handbag

What do you think of when you hear the name Fendi? Fashion? Quality? Timeless Elegance? Long recognized as a trend setter in the world of high fashion, Fendi symbolizes the highest quality in craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail and only the most fashionable of clothing and accessories.

The Baguette is most widely recognized and coveted Fendi handbag. The vintage Baguette is a Fendi handbag that is part of the pop culture of the 1990s, believed by some to be a cult object and seen by others as a status symbol. However you see the Fendi Baguette, you must agree that it is a well recognized icon in the realm of designer accessories.

Part of the appeal of the Fendi Baguette lies with its great simplicity. The short shoulder strap was a unique and revolutionary design at the time the Fendi Baguette was brought to market, and the name is so appropriate to the way the Fendi handbag is carried. The association between carrying the handbag under ones arm to the manner in which the French tend to carry their loaves of baguette bread implies both elegance and comedy.

Even though the Baguette may be the most widely recognized of Fendi handbags, Fendi has a comprehensive and diverse line of designer handbags. There are more than 100 handbags available in the current Fendi handbag line, and they range in price from $175 to more than $1,000.

The least expensive Fendi handbag is the Zucca Brown Handbag, which is both simple and practical. The retail price on this bag is $450, but it can regularly be found at the discount rate of $175. Even though this Fend handbag is at the low end of the Fendi price spectrum, it is a high-quality handbag made with the excellent craftsmanship for which Fendi is famous.

At the other extreme of the price range lies the Fendi designer FF monogram canvas shearling trim designer purse. Costing more than $1,000, this Fendi handbag is made of a combination of the highest leather with FF monogram canvas and features engraved hardware. Additional features include a full interior lining with a pocket.

There are numerous other Fendi handbags available between these two extremes of the pricing spectrum. When you decide to invest in a Fendi handbag, you will be purchasing a superior quality and highly fashionable elegant handbag that will likely last for a lifetime.

By Scott Nichols

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coach Factory Outlet Store - Guide to Super Handbag Bargains

Coach leatherwear is one of the finest quality brands in the accessories market, with super stylish handbags being the hallmark of their label. The first Coach bag was created in 1941 using skills and techniques that had been passed down through the generations. Now with their decades of timeless quality and cutting edge design, getting your hands on a Coach handbag can be a hefty investment of hundreds of dollars. But do not despair, a Coach factory outlet store could be the answer to your prayers, allowing you to buy one of America's most popular handbags at a snippet of the price.

Why Buy Coach?
The essence of the brand is quality, durability, function and style, with a range of luxury accessories and gifts for men and women to suit all tastes and styles. All handbags are double stitched using top quality leather, in a multitude of styles and finished using traditional hand-finishing techniques.

Finding a Coach Handbag at a Great Price
Discounted Coach handbags do exist and a factory outlook store is the best place to look. Usually run by Coach themselves, these stores sell handbags and other Coach accessories at a cheaper price by stocking collections from previous seasons. Out of season handbags are sent from the top boutiques and stores in order to free up space for new collections. Outlet stores may even stock bags which are out of season and never even made it out of the factory, as Coach send out their clearance stock to their outlet stores.

Some clearance bags may also have been rejected by Coach due to a small blemish or misplaced zipper, but this really doesn't detract from the quality of the bag and such a minor blemish would be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

Buying from a Coach factory outlet store guarantees you're not being sold a replica or cheap fake. And if you shop during the pre-holiday sales, at Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can be guaranteed even more discount. But take this piece of advice - grab first before you decide whether to purchase - competition is fierce in these stores, especially at sales time!

Just because you'll be buying a piece which is last season or even older, the beauty about Coach handbags is that they have such a classic style which will remain in fashion as long as you care for them. Not only that, if you bag a great bargain you'll have enough money left to buy two or three more bags to suit every occasion and look! If you don't have an outlet store near you, search online for clearance stock. Auction sites particularly feature clearance bags which can still be picked up at a bargain price.

By Bernard McClay

Finding a Chanel Handbag For Less

Are you as awe struck with the Chanel handbags as most women are? Do you want one on your arm, but you just cannot imagine how much you would have to spend to get your Chanel handbag? Chanel is one of the top designers in the world and the name alone screams great taste. They are known as the top of the line and they back it every year with great new handbags that make all women want one.

There are many styles to choose from with many different fabrics and colors to make your bag truly authentic. You can get anything from leather to canvass and you can find many classic styles and some that are a bit more on the wild side. These are made not only for the prestige and the display that makes your friends so jealous, but also for the practical woman that likes to have a handbag that works for her life. They have a very intelligent design to them with many pockets and zippers to help you work out all the compartmentalization you need to with your handbag.

You are looking at a price that ranges from a few hundred dollars all the way up to many thousands of dollars. It really just depends on your budget, but everybody can afford a Chanel if they really want one. They also come with a lifetime warranty that protects them from any damages that might cause you to want to replace them. Plus you will have all the prestige and confidence that goes along with your handbag.

There are ways to get them for a fraction of the price, but you have to be careful. There are also knock offs out there that are very good, but are not a Chanel. EBay is a popular place for getting the deal of the century on a Chanel handbag. You can also check Amazon, Overstock, and many other websites. I have even heard of someone finding one at Goodwill and they paid all of $4 for it. It was actually a real Chanel and was one that would have sold for almost $600 brand new.

By Benjamin Robert Ehinger

Gucci Handbag - Make Sure You Tell the World About Your Good Fashion Sense

Are you sick of not being looked at like you have good taste? There is one surefire way to become very chic. You will also be a screaming billboard that says "I have Fantastic Taste!" These are qualities that a Gucci handbag will present to you. Here are some things you should consider.

There is a certain celebrity status that goes along with the Gucci name. It seems that everybody from Madonna, Brittany Spears, to Julia Roberts, and so many more own Gucci handbags. This is a sign that you are not only a woman with some incredible taste, but also that you have made it and you are a success.

These bags are incredible for your pride and your confidence. The best part is both confidence and the Gucci Handbags are so sexy that you will draw men to you and make women so jealous that they will wish they were you.

Plus you will not even have to shell out thousands for your Gucci, even though you could. There are some that sell for a few hundred dollars and there are some that go for as much as $50,000. It just depends on your budget and what you want your Gucci to say to the rest of the world.

The best part is Gucci handbags all come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong with your new bag you can get it replaced with the newest model in that price range available. The best part is you do not even have to pay a single dime for this. They will greet you with a smile and make it happen in no time.

By Benjamin Robert Ehinger

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Handbags Or Hand Bags

There are all kinds of bags from leather to fashion ones and handbags to purses. The very purpose of any handbag is to carry some personal items in it. For centuries women have carried all kind of bags made with different materials. These have been an important part of fashion history. Rich and affluent used embroidered designs and jewels to show their status and influence in society.

In modern times handbags are becoming a kind of fashion statement now. Designers every season keep coming with unique and distinctive styles. More and more women folks are joining work culture and not only they need for daily use but they need to carry different styles, colors and shades for different occasions. Parties and weddings are the big events where women would love displaying the best of their outfits complimenting with stylish gorgeous leather bags. Prom is the time young girls love to carry fancy little purses..

The kind of personal and intimate items the women can carry in it are beyond anyone's guess but these items serve the very single purpose as containers. Since designers have realized the changing needs of today's women's needs, these creative minds keep coming with many sectional dividers or separators inside the bag and zipped or unzipped pockets to carry different items in each of these sections like for sunglasses, cosmetics, cell phones, cards, money and the list goes on.

Versatility, quality and the functionality are the key factors when it comes to choosing the right kind of bags but at the same time it must be stylish and fashionable enough to fit one's persona. It is hard to find any women who have only one handbag. Like the clothes and jewelry woman must have many different styles and designs and size bags.

Handbags come in every color and shade and are available in many sizes styles from very fanciful to bold, chic and trendy to classics. Different styles are good for different times and purpose.

Among all the materials like cloth, nylon and jute, leather is still the supreme when it comes to choosing best-designed handbags. Leather too has many types such as calf or crocodile and each has its own uniqueness of texture and grace. Quality of leather is very important and designers always look for best and top quality soft leather when it comes to making these top of the line high fashion handbags. Buy the one you like most.

By Kheri Chawla

High Value Tips to Buy Handbags

Though the use of handbags as fashion accessory is centuries old, the modern fashion world seems to use them with a vigor unseen before. They have become an important tool to enhance someone's personality. Obviously, these handbags are the latest rage among fashionable ladies and they consider it as an added value point for their status symbol.

The fashion shelves are fully packed with beautifully designed handbags. These bags come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Of course, one is bound to be misguided and deceived in the middle of a mall while buying a handbag. The reason is pretty obvious...Everything that glitters is not gold.
Hopefully, the following tips will help any buyer to grab the right handbag made of right materials and stuffs and, necessarily, bags of right shape. These tips will also help a lot to choose the right handbag for a particular body type. Surely, one has got one's own individuality.

Material of the handbags: Avoid the handbags made of cheap and shiny leather. The hardware and zips used should be made of corrosion free materials. They must match the color of the exterior of the used leather.

Buy from authorized sellers: The authorized dealers sell authentic handbags which come with holograms. Also, they should be asked for the warranty cards.

Firmness of leather: The good quality handbags and its handles never collapse under their own weight when placed on any surface. Its firmness guarantees its quality.

Stitching quality: The stitching of the leather should not be uneven as they hamper the shape of the handbag and may break easily.

User's body shape and bag's shape: The relation between the user's body and bag's shape must be given due consideration. For example; a middle sized handbag, touching the top of the waist, is the most suitable for a curved and tall body. A lady with a plus size shape should not use too small bags. A lady with a slim look must go for a close fitting bag.

Purpose: A buyer must be sure of the ways the bag is going to be used. A stylish handbag can never be helpful to carry heavy things bought in the market. Remember, the fancy handbags are not one's shopping bags.

So next time when you step out to buy a beautiful handbag, please be careful and apply the formula.

By Dexter N James

The Top 7 Designer Handbags For Rich Stuck-Up Snobs

Starting from number 7 and ending at number 1 lets look at the top 7 designer handbags made for the richest, most stuck-up snobs.

Number 7: The Prada Frame Bag

This krucsa colored, structured crocodile bag made by Prada first appeared in 2006 on the runway in Milan. Being the most basic bag on the list, it gets spot number 7. You can own this bag for $15,090.

Number 6: The Yves Saint Laurent Muse Bag

This spacious but refined bag is an imitation of a traditional bowling bag. However most bowling bags weren't made out of crocodile. Although this is a stunning bag, it only gets spot number 6 on our list. You can own this bag for $18,990

Number 5: Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Bag

This quilted purple crocodile skin bag is an eye catching bag from Marc Jacobs. However it's still just your basic snob worthy bag so it rests in spot number 5. You can own this bag for $30,000

Number 4: The Black Crocodile Fendi B Bag

This structured bag is one of Fendi's top bags. The Black Crocodile B Bag definitely deserves a spot on the top end of our list. With a hefty price tag of $27,700 you can see that this is only a stuck-up snobs bag.

Number 3: Chanel Crocodile Biarritz

Following with the crocodile skin theme, this Black Chanel bag has a very limited supply with only a few at each store, making spot number 3 on our list, this is a total snobs bag. You can own this bag for $43,150

Number 2: The Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

Made of 15 different Louis Vuitton patterns cut up and reassembled, the 4 bags that were available in the U.S. are sold out leaving only 20 available in Asia and Europe. Having such a limited quantity gives this bag spot number 2 on our list. It is obviously owned only by rich, stuck-up snobs. You can own this bag for $42,000

Number 1: The Hermes Birkin In Croc Porosus Lisse

The Birkin, named after the 60's fashion icon Jane Birkin is the sign of ultimate luxury. This Croc Porosus Lisse Tote shines 9-carat diamonds with 1.86-carats of diamonds on the lock itself. This made to order bag is definitely at the top of our list, only the richest, most stuck-up snobs can get their hands on this bag. You can dream of owning it for $148,000

By Casandra Brooks

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

There are numerous ways to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag. I had had it with being ripped off and did some investigating. I will touch on a couple obvious thing to look for!

Sellers of fake Louis Vuitton bags seem to be so careless that they leave some very obvious tell tale clues for us. These basic principles can be used for any Louis Vuitton bag.

The Tag This Louis Vuitton tag should not have a blue number printed on it. It should not have a blue number anywhere. Retailers seem to leave these tags on as they think this will some how prove that the bag is real. If you see this tag with a printed number down the side steer clear of the bag.

The Packaging This bag does not have a number printed on the tag but it does have another big clue that it is fake. The plastic around the the handles. This looks cheap. Some Louis Vuitton bags do have protective plastic around the handles if they are brand new but most resale bags aren't. If a bag has ever been used or was a display model the plastic should not be there. As there is no such thing as Louis Vuitton wholesale consider where the seller got the bag from if the plastic is still on the handles.

Paper Everywhere Most fakes have paper around the hardware to protect it. This Alma bag has paper around the zip pulls and handles and you even see some with paper around every rivet.

The Price One of the easiest ways of checking if a bag is fake is just by looking at the price. If it is over 50% less than the price of the same bag in a Louis Vuitton retailer it is a fake.

Louis Vuitton does not sell bags at wholesale. Even if they did if the bag costs $1500/£825 in their shops they are not going to sell it at wholesale for $75 so another seller can sell it to you for $150. It's not good business sense. If the bag is previously owned and the owner wants to sell it why would they sell it for a tenth of its value. I know if I'd spent $1500/£825 on a bag I would want at least half of that price back if I sold it. I would probably keep hold of it until Louis Vuitton stopped making them and then sell it for a profit.

By Alisa A. Roberts

Where to Find a Brighton Handbag For Less Money

One of the new fashion faces on the market, Brighton was established in 1991 with only one collection of fashion belts. Since then, Brighton has grown to include a complete line of accessories for the fashion conscious individual, including Brighton handbags. Brighton products can be found in thousands of stores all over the world and on the Internet.

Brighton is a US-based company operating out of Leegin Creative Leather Products in California. Brighton is a major employer of the area, employing more than 600 individuals, as well as importing products from other countries like China and Japan.

Why Buy Brighton Handbags?
Brighton handbags are for the style conscious woman who prefers a large range of colors and fabrics. Brighton handbags are manufactured from canvas as well as leather and come in a large variety of styles and sizes. You can find a Brighton handbag in a hobo style, evening clutch bag or a sporty shoulder bag. It is virtually impossible not to find a Brighton handbag that you absolutely love. As a matter of fact, there is a Brighton handbag you can pick up for every occasion.

Brighton handbags can be found online, in high end department stores and in specialty stores. With the bags being sold in so many different types of stores as well as on the internet, Brighton hand bags often vary greatly in price. This actually means savings for the thrifty Brighton handbag buyer. A woman willing to shop around can surely find a Brighton handbag in her price range. Although Brighton handbags generally retail for several hundred dollars, it’s possible to find them for more or less depending on where they are being sold.

Brighton also markets its own handbags in its retail establishment aptly named Brighton Retail. This establishment sells just about every Brighton handbag ever made such as bags as mini bags, novelty bags, romantic and traditional bags, fabric bags and contemporary handbags and pouches. With this extensive variety, there is certainly a Brighton handbag for everyone.

Brighton’s upscale luxury handbags are definitely a plus for every woman’s wardrobe. As this American company is undoubtedly one of the up and coming handbag makers, its products are likely to increase in value just as its older and more expensive counterparts have done. Adding a Brighton handbag to your collection is likely to give you rewarding service and quality for many years to come. Just be sure that you invest in an authentic Brighton handbag from a reputable source to be sure that you have not purchased one of the cheap knockoffs that have flooded the accessory market.

By Scott Nichols

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is a Prada Milano Handbag Suitable for the Trendy Gal?

Is a Prada Milano Handbag almost a must-have for a trendy girl? It depends actually.

As most fashion conscious women know, Prada is normally known for sturdy, functional and fashionable handbags. Their sleek design and seasonal offerings will probably easily fit in with the seasons and your special occasion dressing needs. However, Prada is not for everybody. You have to have a taste for it.

Typical Prada handbags are made of materials such as leather, deerskin, fox fur trim, nylon and calfskin. The clasps, strap hooks and buckles are usually made of gold or silver hardware, and no less.

For some of the distinguished designs, antiqued finishes and contrasting stitching brings out the full flavor, so to speak. And yet, there are simple designs such as pleats, gathers and drawstrings for some others. It can be said that, there is a little for everybody.

To make keeping your cosmetics and other items easy, many Prada handbags come with magnetic snap closures and zippered inner pockets. There are also detachable identification tags, key rings and cross body straps to go with it.

And to round it all off, there is also the signature Prada logo plate prominently displayed so that people know that you are carrying the “real” thing.

Prada handbags come in a variety of neutral colors to emphasize their functionality and practicality, including camel, champagne, pewter, white, black, and natural canvas. Occasionally, more distinctive prints such as animal patterns or brighter colors are used for seasonal lines.

The Prada Milano handbag is one of the popular line made of selected leather which has been naturally cured and tanned. It has “Prada” on the interior lining, and has a marbleized “swing” handle. Some handles measure approximately 4 1/2 inches high, and 3 inches wide.

Is the Prada Milano handbag the best Prada yet? It really depends on your needs and your budget for it too.

By Eddy Lam

How to Find a Prada Handbag For Less Money

Prada handbags combine high fashion with understatement and eye-popping prices. A regular Prada handbag can cost from $500 to $2,000. A few special makes of Prada handbags are priced higher than $10,000. Miu Miu is the other label attributed to Miuccia Prada, who has been recognized as one Europe's most powerful women. Avid fans of the signature Prada handbags include actresses Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Kristen Davis, Scarlett Johannson and Uma Thurman, singer Avril Lavigne, and Pope Benedict XVI.

Low-Cost Prada Handbags Options for the Real Thing

There are, however, a range of lower-priced or discounted Prada handbags available in the market. With a bit of diligence, you might come across Prada sports handbags, coin purses and medium-sized leather purses, fabric bags and leather bags priced between $100 and $1,000, depending on materials used and size of purse.

The online store stocks special rate items from the Prada handbag range. The store offers to ship authentic and original Prada handbags direct from the factories in Italy to customers' doorsteps. The selection to choose from includes outdoor, sports, casual and urban styles, all of them original Prada handbags, of course. buys its Prada handbags at heavily discounted prices, which is why the online store is able to pass on the savings to its customers, offering them better deals on Prada handbags.

Steering Clear of Fake Prada Handbags

There are a great many Prada handbag imitations in the market whose sellers are trying to pass of as the real thing. So care should be taken to avoid the mishap of paying for fake Prada handbags at original, expensive prices.

Make sure that the handbag you are buying is a genuine or authentic Prada handbag. Carefully inspect the hardware used for the handbag. Prada uses only antique brass on its Prada handbags. Handles and straps attached to Prada handbags are the best available and the lining use on every authentic Prada handbag is made from the finest quality material. For even greater guarantee of authenticity, buy your Prada handbag from prestigious department stores such as Neiman Marcus or Saks. Odds are very small that fake Prada handbags have made their way into their inventory.

By Scott Nichols

The History of Prada and the Prada Handbag

Prada is an Italian luxury goods company established in 1914. Items manufactured by Prada include: ready-to-wear, leather accessories, luggage, and shoes. Prada is considered to be one of the most influential fashion label names. Owning Prada items, such as Prada handbags or Prada swimsuits is a status symbol, telling the world that you are successful, and know how to enjoy the finer things in life.

Originally, Prada was only a leathergoods store that was founded in Milan, Italy. Then, in 1978, Miuccia Prada transformed the company completely, and made it into a luxury goods and fashion house. At first, Miuccia added a set of military spec black nylon backpacks and totes. While the items had difficulty selling at first, they did eventually become Prada's first big commercial success. During the same time as their release, Prada began opening up stores in major cities in Europe and the United States, such as Madrid and New York. The Prada shoe line was released in 1984. In 1985, the first Prada handbag was released by Miuccia, and quickly became a success. Prada's ready-to-wear collection was released in 1989.

Visit a flagship Prada store, and you will notice the unique architecture that distinguishes the Prada store from all others. Prada has commissioned famous architects such as Herzog & deMeuron to create the Prada flagship store buildings. There is actually a 15 by 25 Prada building located along the U.S. Highway 90. However, the doors to the store cannot be opened, it is a very elaborate sculpture!

Currently, Prada also has runway shows, with other fashion houses, like Versace or Louis Vuitton. Prada is known as being a fashion house that likes to use new faces and models. New models are even selected sometimes to open the fashion show for Prada. This is a very rare action taken by fashion houses.

Today, most people who want to own a piece of Prada, will probably want to purchase a Prada handbag. When you look at a Prada handbag, be sure to notice the fine stitching and expert craftsmanship that goes into each Prada handbag. Also, notice that the Prada symbol, a silver and black triangle, is not easily visible on the Prada handbag. This is a direct contrast to other luxury brands, where the logo is easily visible. Thus, the Prada handbag has a special appeal, known as "anti-status," which, ironically, increases the appeal of the Prada handbag.

By Mimi Uei

Friday, October 3, 2008

Designer Handbags - How to Be Sure Yours is Authentic

Ladies are fashion conscious. We all know that! Ladies equate fashion with money? Now, that's a misconception which is why many of us hesitate in spending hard earned dollars for one designer handbag. We tend to visit the local kiosks, take a trip to New York's Chinatown or try looking at home parties to grab a designer handbag for less.

The fact however is that designer handbags do not come cheap! Even the used ones sold at e bay will cost you couple of hundreds of dollars. So if you are getting a brand new Channel or a Coach for $50, then step back! You are buying a fake one! No body wants a replica handbag. So if you are serious about fashion and are a concerned citizen here are some of the reasons why you should not buy a fake designer handbag:

• Fake handbags have shoddy handwork, bad leather and bad accessories. The zippers stop working after a while and it becomes quite apparent that you have a fake handbag after some time.

• The sellers of counterfeit handbags do not pay taxes. Their business is shady, ours is not. There is no point spending 50 dollars for a fake handbag and not even getting a receipt for the same to file your taxes.

• The money from such counterfeit businesses is said to support terrorist activities. We do not want to be a party to that!

• Fake handbags are used to smuggle drugs and import jewels hidden from the customs and immigrations. Supporting such businesses is indirectly supporting illegal activities.

So as you can see, as both a user and a moral citizen there are a number of reasons why you should not buy a replica designer handbag.

Now the next important question is how would know whether the handbag that you are buying is original or not?

• Original designer handbags are sold in authentic retail shops which are listed in the manufacturer's website. Thus Coach for example gives the list of all its retail outlets from where you can buy an authentic Coach handbag.

• The fake handbags will have bad craftsmanship, poor quality material and bad finish. Although the makers are becoming more and more conscious fake bags still look fake.

• Always read the fine prints. Look for words like 'Our Version of XYZ', 'Inspired by XYZ'. Such products are always fake.

• Look for the made in country label. The designer handbags are made in the country where the design house is based. A 'Made in China' tag will not be there in an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag!

So beware ladies! It is good that you want to save money. But do not end up spending on fake products in order to save money. There is a famous British saying 'Penny wise, pound foolish.' It's better to spend some pounds or dollars to get an original piece rather than spending some pence or cents for a fake product that wears off within days!

By Gregg Hall

Designer Handbags - Does Size Really Matter?

Yes, size does matter, very much so, especially when it comes to handbags! The lifestyle you lead will probably define the size of the handbag that you carry. But the real question is whether you are carrying the correct handbag size that is right for you? If you belong to the younger generation, the teenager or if you are the mother of a teenager, you must already be knowing that the teenagers know exactly what they want - in every sphere of their lives - how much ever ridiculous that may sound! So when it comes to buying a handbag for your teenage daughter, although a small sized handbag is a safe bet, it is still highly advisable that you consult your daughter before buying one. And if they have a choice, then you are lucky! Most definitely stick to their choice and you will be a winner!

Now what's with the young ladies and extremely small purses? You see these purses everywhere - on the dance floors, in the restaurants, with an elegant evening dress and a small handbag in the size of a peanut. Does it really help? A handbag so small that it would hardly carry a lipstick let alone your wallet or other feminine essentials! Do we really need such incredibly small handbags? Aren't these more of a fashion statement to the extent of causing probable inconvenience? Well handbags are personal accessories and are strictly of personal choice, but may be you would want to rethink those purses that can't even hold a lipstick properly!

Next are the moms. Ladies you all are doing a great job out there! Raising your little ones, balancing family and work is never an easy task. The last thing in your mind is probably your handbag! Handbag? What handbag? I have my diaper bag - is what that's crossing your mind right now! And even if you are thinking in terms of a handbag or a purse you are probably thinking 'big'! Yes the purse should be big enough to hold let's see - the diapers, the diapers, the diapers and yes may be the wallet and some more baby stuff. Yes there are some really cute diaper bags out there now, designer ones, trendy ones, but believe me you need to break out from the diaper bag syndrome. The occasional outings that you have with your husband, the family gathering or the evening parties, give off your diaper bag or huge handbag for a nice chic small handbag. Large enough to carry your feminine essentials and your wallet but small enough to go with your style and not overpower you - that's the million dollar handbag mantra for the moms.

Womanhood is a beauty chosen by God for the lucky ones on this earth. You are a mother, a daughter and a grandmother but you will always be a woman. Celebrate womanhood the best way you can and in style. If that means that you choose the right size handbag to accentuate your beauty and grace then so be it!

By Gregg Hall