Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Designer Inspired Handbags: Simply Marvelous Beauty

Everyone - man and woman - can find a use for a handbag; a good handbag is even better. The three most important steps in any handbags life is the designer (the idea person: the parent), the manufacturer (the creator), and the retailer (the seller). Each step of the way is arguably as important as the other steps. All handbags will have reached this step sometime in its fabrication process. When a designer seems to have been touched by a higher being to create a design that is a little slice of heaven, the designer gains a better reputation as a handbag designer and brings you more and more of the designs you like. Often, the popularity of a designer will increase the price of the handbags that designer design. Then along comes those designer inspired handbags.

I have heard it said that imitation is the ultimate form of a compliment. Perhaps there is truth in this saying. When a designer's handbags are so popular that they require a replica, imitation, inspired, or fake designers to create something similar, that is the biggest achievement. These designers change the handbag in a slight way sometimes as easy as changing the initials used on the handbag. For example, Louis Vuitton always has a signature LV on his handbags, some designer inspired handbags may have LW. Coach is another good example. All Coach handbags have a double C design on the fabric, designer inspired handbags may have a CG instead of the double C.

These handbags never claim to be authentic. To do so is illegal and a travesty to you and the original designer. However, replicas and inspired handbags meet all requirements for staying legal. They offer you design, fashion, and style at an affordable rate. Most people can not easily afford $10000 USD for that exquisite handbag. A designer inspired handbag may be able to get you the same look and feel of that handbag for around $100 USD.

Maybe you are wondering why anyone would want a designer handbag if they can get a lookalike for so cheap. Well, the keyword is "cheap". The designer handbags offer a higher quality in material and fabrication. A designer inspired handbag may look beautiful and sexy, but usually the quality is significantly lower than the original. The inspired handbag may have a weaker thread or weaker hems, or a replica handbag could have a low quality of closures and clasps that will rust with time; you should always check those straps or handle for loose strings. Fraying thread is definitely the enemy of those designer inspired handbags.

Shopping for inspired handbags can be a lot of fun if you know where to shop. One of the most popular places to shop these days is the Internet. Surprisingly, the Internet has caused a boom in the handbag industry. Of course, replica and inspired handbags fall into that same class. When you shop online for your designer or replica handbag needs, you should always check for the reputation of the company or person you are purchasing from before you buy. There are a lot of horror stories on the Internet. Of course, you can choose to find your designer replica handbags a little closer to home with any number of those specialty stores that are ready to meet your every need.

By Angle Tingen

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Suede Handbag - How to Take Good Care of It

A suede handbag is the perfect fashion accessory today and it has become a dream possession of every fashion conscious woman. However, since the suede leather is created from the lower layer of the lambskin leather, it tends t get dirty very easily as it absorbs dirt and moisture at a rapid rate. To avoid such problems with your suede handbags and prolong their life, you must follow some simple steps to ensure that you are taking good care of them. With proper regular care, you will be able to use your favorite suede handbags for many seasons to come.

You will require a few important things to take care of your favorite suede handbag. To clean and protect your handbags from dirt and moisture, you will require a suede brush, suede protector, suede cleaner and a hard rubber eraser. It is best to buy a suede cleaner and water repellent along with your suede handbag to ensure good care of your new handbag from the very beginning. You will need to spray two layers of the suede protector on your handbag to ensure proper protection. It is advisable that you complete this procedure on the outside and in the absence of strong wind, so that your suede handbag easily absorbs the protector liquid.

For the daily care of your handbag, you can brush it gently with the suede brush to keep away dust and other particulate matter from the surface of the bag. However, do remember to brush in one direction only. Multi-directional brush strokes will damage the texture of your suede handbag. If possible, read the instruction booklet that every manufacturer provides with their suede handbags, which contains instructions about the proper brushing technique to maintain your handbag's condition.

The most important aspect that you must consider while taking care of suede handbags, is that you must keep them dry. Moisture harms the texture and softness of suede, damaging your handbag considerably. If you wish to clean stains off your suede handbag, you can use the hard rubber eraser to rub off the stain off its surface. Under no circumstances, should you use soap on your handbag. Always remember to stuff paper in it when you want to keep it in storage so that it is able to retain its original shape. These are the few simple steps, which you must follow to take good care of your suede handbag.

By Sarah Pucci

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton (LV) Handbag

Many people want to own an authentic Louis Vuitton purse or a LV handbag because of its unique and luxurious design. If you want to get a genuine authentic Louis Vuitton purse or handbag and you don't want to be ripped off by purchasing a fake one from a dishonest seller I have a few tips and guidelines to show you how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton purse or handbag. Depending on where you make your purchase, if you want to buy you "LV" Louis Vuitton handbag from a fifth avenue high end department store such as Neiman Marcus, Saks or Holt Renfrew then most likely your purchase will be safe. But many people like myself want to go treasure hunting and look for handbags at a more reasonable price. Places such as Auction, Ebay and other online stores have many listing of handbags and purses of all the designer brand names you can think of and out of the many daily listings, a portion of them are fake replicas. Some of the listings are actually good deals that people just can't miss. Anyway please read through the lists below to learn a few things about this one and only one, unique designer brand handbag so that you can spot a treasure and scope out the fakes, make a fun shopping experience.

Guidance #1:

As with all other designer brand handbags you must know the hardware of the brand. For more information about a particular handbag or purse style, you can check the Louis Vuitton website or visit your local boutique for the information about the style. For example, you should find out if the product have a date code, should it have one and where in the handbag if it does, what the particular style is supposed to be lined in, whether it should have feet, if it should have a d-ring inside and where. For example if you find a Speedy LV with a lining other than a brownish cotton canvas lining, you should question its authenticity because the lining of a LV Speedy has never came with other linings than the browning cotton mentioned above. Also a LV purse or handbag has never been made with a brown suede lining, even in the vintage pieces. Check the zipper and zipper pulls, purse snaps, buckles and other hardware you can find on the handbag, they all should have the LV branded on them. The Zipper pulls should be brass hardware and heavy to the touch and feel. If you have any LV monogram in a crease it is fake. If you find any "LV" crooked or in the stitch it is fake. Louis Vuitton has a passion for perfection for each of their handcrafted purse or handbag since the 1850s. They carefully design where the LV should be place on the bag and the LVs are always positioned on the bag with balance. If you have a ruler you can actually measure the LV from one corner to the next and the position from both end and top and bottom are always very close if not the same. LV handbags are made of canvas with cowhide leather straps and sidings, the edge of the leather will be dyed red. After the handbag is used for a few weeks, the leather will oxidize and the color will fade and become more brownish. If you are buying a used handbag, ask how long the bag is used and ask for picture of the bag to see if the leather has began to fade. If not, walk away from it. One critical thing that you can miss when checking a LV handbag or LV purse is the stitching. The Louis Vuitton handbags have the same number of stitches on all similar compartments. For example, if you count the number of stitch on the stitching of the handle or strap, count the stitch on both sides of the bag and also on both sides of the same patch. If one side has four stitches the chances are the other side will have four stitches. If not, it is very likely that the piece is a fake. The seam and stitches are always perfectly even, so if you find one that has uneven seam, it is not a real thing.

Guidance #2:

Know the pricing. Louis Vuitton Handbags or LV purses come in a price range of almost $400 to well into the $1,000s. So if you find a deal for less than $300. That is not a deal but a fake. Is simple, think about it, if you paid thousands for a handbag and it is an LV handbag, would you sell it for less than a few hundred bucks, even if it is used? Every LV is a master piece and its owners have pride in themselves for ever owning one, am I right girls? So yeh, you won't find an LV for less than the price range listed above. Unless you need the money to save lives, you don't rip yourself off like that. At least I won't. So next time when you are looking for a Louis Vuitton Handbag or any other designer handbag, remember that the price should be reasonable. If the original piece is sold for $1,000 in the store, don't expect to get for half the price, even if it is used. Louis Vuitton bags are limited in productions for each piece and so no one is stupid enough to sell it at such deep discount. Unless it is ripped, damaged or is a stolen good.

Guidance #3:

Knowing where and who is a authorized seller of the Louis Vuitton Purses. If you find some guys selling the bags on some streets or some no name stores along with some no name or cheap handbags, you can bet that the piece is a fake. You can find real genuine Louis Vuitton handbags online such as Ebay but there are also many fake replicas. If you find a good deal, check the seller's feedback, ask questions about the bag and the refund policy. You should also ask Ebay, Paypal or your credit card company about fraud protection. You can find real genuine LV purses online from the authorized seller at

Guidance #4:

Louis Vuitton handbag might have upside-down LV and other monograms on one side of the bag and perfectly up right on the other. This is perfectly normal depending on the style. Some LV purse are crafted with one large single piece of canvas and so when they fold the canvas into a handbag, one side will have perfectly normal display of LV logo and monogram and on the other side, the LV and monograms will be upside down. So when you see an LV with this description, it is not necessarily a fake.

Guidance #5:

Check the LV tag inside the handbag. It should be in a perfect rectangular shape and the "Louis Vuitton" name and "Paris" is carved in deeply into the tag. If you find an LV handbag with un-perfect rectangular shape tag inside the purse, or fading engraved "Louis Vuitton" name, it is a fake.

Keep these simple but critical details in mind before making your next purchase. I will keep updating this guide regularly to share my research and findings with you. I want all of you to make wise decisions and not to get ripped off. If you are to buy LV purses from eBay like I have, make sure you contact the seller about his/her guarantee and refund policy. Check the listing for eBay coverage against fraudulent transaction and items. Finally check with Paypal to see what kind of protection you'll received by making the payment through their system. Generally speaking, eBay together with Paypal offer excellent protection for buyers. But if you want to avoid all the unnecessary hassles and headaches in recovering your money follow the guides provided above to minimize your chance of being duped. Ok, good luck and happy shopping.

By Vivian Zhang

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coach Handbag Outlet Locations - Coach Factory Outlet Store

Making the decision to buy a new handbag is never an easy decision for a woman. Purses come in many different shapes, many different sizes, an infinite number of materials and textures as well as an array of colors. Then of course, many of us must consider the price, especially when you're considering purchasing a designer handbag. At times, choosing the perfect purse can be an incredibly lengthy and frustrating experience.

Fortunately, women today have the opportunity to take advantage of a broad selection of shapes, sizes, textures and colors while saving tons of dollars in the process. In more recent years, Coach has introduced their Coach Factory Outlet Stores which house an incredible inventory of coach handbags, wallets and super popular accessories. Coach products have long been one of the most desired brands in the designer clothing industry and the outlet stores give shoppers the chance to look just as glamorous as Hollywood, but at a fraction of the cost.

Items arrive in the outlet stores when they are not sold in traditional Coach retail stores or are slightly damaged in manufacturing or shipping. Typically, the "flaws" are unnoticed and often would have been realized through normal wear-and-tear anyhow. Often it could be something as minor as a slight scuff on the leather in an obscure place or a scratch on the metal buckle that holds the purse strap. Because of this, visiting a Coach outlet store can deliver you a discounted coach purse at a significantly lower price.

By Clinton Bennett

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Women's Handbags - To Be Or Not to Be Leather

Leather handbags are the most popular type of handbags for a very simple reason. Leather handbags are the most durable handbags on the market. A handbag made from leather can assure its owner that it will last for a long time in the future. Therefore, if you are looking for a handbag that will be with you for a long time, leather is the way to go.

The look of leather handbags make them attractive to any "fashionista". The ability to make elegant and fantastic handbags from genuine leather that compliment all of your outfits and ensembles makes the leather handbag the pinnacle of all handbags.

Leather handbags come in all manner of styles and colors. The sheer number of options to choose from make it next to impossible for anyone to see every leather handbag that is available to purchase online. When shopping for a leather handbag, you should make a list of the manufacturers and designers that you like as well as the styles and use you will have for the handbag.

Using the internet to search for the right leather handbag is a good place to start. All of the styles of handbags and manufacturers' deals are at your fingertips. A quick search online, using your list, will help you narrow down the number of bags you will ultimately decide from. Be careful to remember that since they are made of leather, they will necessarily be more expensive than their non-leather cousins.

If price is a big deterrent then settling for a faux leather bag or a leather bag that is made of lower quality leather will obviously be the choice you will need to make.

If you do your research and buy the right handbag, you will ensure yourself of many years of functional and fashionable happiness.

By John Fransick

Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Handbag - How to Convince Your Man You Really Do Need a New Bag

I'm sure we all have had this conversation: "do you really need a new bag? You have a closet filled with bags already and you hardly use those..." and when you try to explain he's looking back at you like your speaking a language he doesn't understand. This is probably true so lets explain things so men will understand why we do need a new handbag!

Any man will see that camouflage is a great thing in certain situations. There is a good reason the Army uses it as it is all about blending in with your surroundings. Just to make a point, you can't bring your gorgeous red bag to a funeral.

I'm sure your man has a favorite team, or one in every sport. To make sure we don't forget which team he supports he watches the game wearing a jersey (and probably all matching accessories even if he doesn't call it accessories). We don't support a team we have our favorite designer and need to have at least one bag in every style.

You don't wear your winter clothes to the beach on a hot summers day unless you like to overheat. Most men like science so he will understand that black attracts heat so that's why you can't find a black beach bag even if your life depended on it. A canvas bag in the middle of a snow storm isn't a good thing either so this is why we need a bag for every season.

If he would take his precious car to the garage to have it fixed he wouldn't leave it there if the mechanic was wearing a suit. First impressions do matter and you have to look the part to for people to trust you. That why you can't show up at a job interview with just any bag it has to look the part too.

If he comes back with the reply "who cares about this" well half the world population is female and we do care!

By Anna Hughes

Friday, July 10, 2009

Handbags High End Fashion - The Enormous Influence Of The Designer Handbag Brands

The handbag stays an hot item and so there are a lot of women these days that cherish quite a collection already.

For each moment there is an other bag because, just like shoes, handbags give you this extra something when you wear them, it gives you the finishing touch. More often then with shoes, you notice the handbags from the latest collections in the streets, with whom their respective owners show off. Next to the real designer bags with brand names as: Monogram Glossy Sheepest (Louis Vuitton), Cocco's Croco (Chanel), Héloise (Chloe), The Downtown (YSL), ect. ...,in no time, almost, perfect copies are brought to the shops by fashion-concerns like Zara.

The consumer these days is very much in touch with the high end fashion segment, and the influence of the designer brands is enormous, because also in the bag collection of unknown manufacturers, more or less their influence is visible.

From handbag, over big casual bag, to envelope-bag. Also for the coming winter 2008 to 2009, the different startingpoints for the new collections are very attractive and different. Next to the more strict city bag there are big, nonchalant casual models, that do not make a bad impression as modern city shopper purse as well.

The fashion bag stays very big and is carried by the hand or is carried under the arm. Only in the more sporty models, sporadicly shoulder and cross-over models are brought to the market. A suggestion for the modern women, whom likes to adjust her dresses to her accessories, and vice versa, and whom likes to buy more then one model per season, are the effect-full and noticeable envelope-bags, whom by the choice of material and the volume are a pleasant surprise.

From shiny to stitched bags. The materials are next to the new volumes a trough taste maker. No big easy noticeable designs, but full attention for beautiful, rich kinds of leather. Most of all shiny finishes will be a true hype coming winter 2008 to 2009, and in each collection you will find several
models in varnish (from shiny varnish, some times with an under lying print or structure, to eye-catching, iris-sing "magic balls" varnish).

Next to that all kinds of metallics continue their presence: red copper, the new "winter gold", completed with silver and platinum. Metallics in effect-full colours varying from shiny to not shiny at all, are being found in young looking collections.

Also degraded materials (from dark to light brushed or sprayed), de look off Prada for the past winter season 2007, shall in all kinds of ways be found on attractive small bags and big handbags.

Crock-prints in diverse designs shall be found also on city-bags, and give them a luxurious flair.

In casual and sportive models shiny leather is mixed with non shiny materials, like suede, and textile like cotton, flannel and nylon. Also not shiny / shiny combinations are being used in an attractive way. New and dynamic are all kinds of stitched, cotton-ised purses, manufactured in nylon and in leather.

By Frank J. P. Heymans

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is a Designer Handbag Anyway?

The question then becomes: what is a handbag? What is a designer handbag considered to be? Most people in the fashion industry would describe a designer handbag as a handbag, made of any sort of material, that is created by a well known fashion designer. Names of famous fashion designers include:

* Christian Dior
* Gucci
* Coach
* Louis Vuitton
* Jimmy Choo
* Fendi

These are just a few of the very long list of well known fashion designers who create not only beautiful outfits, but also amazing handbags.

What Style?

There are four main styles of handbags that you must know about before you begin your designer handbag shopping expedition.

Over the shoulder - This is the type of bag that most men think of when you say the word "handbag" to them. It's the style of purse that every woman had in the 80's and is worn by being slung over your shoulder.

Over the arm - This style of handbag is worn over the forearm or is held in the hands. It usually features rolled handles for comfort's sake.

Clutch - A clutch handbag is one that is held in the hands and is carried around. It is usually the type of designer handbag that you would find a celebrity who was walking down the red carpet carrying.

Combination - A combination handbag is one that can be more than just one style of bag. For instance you may find a clutch that can be turned into an over the shoulder bag, or a Louis Vuitton replica handbag that can be worn over the arm or over the shoulder.

Price Range

The other thing to know about designer handbags before you go shopping is the price range. In general, designer handbags are just as expensive as anything else you'd find with a designer's label slapped onto it. Designer handbags are often sold at outrageous prices for one reason and one reason only: women pay the price for them. If they didn't, these designers would never charge thousands of dollars for a bag.

Replica designer handbags, however, make it easy to be able to afford any style of handbag you'd like, without having to make such a huge dent in your wallet. The Damier Canvas Hampstead PM is a classic Louis Vuitton handbag that many women adore. The price of it in a boutique, however, is prohibitive, but a replica version will allow you to be able to own the handbag you want without paying a high price.

By Jd Theiss

Friday, June 19, 2009

Handbag Size, We Definitely Know What We Want And Lifestyle Has All To Do With It.

Handbags are very hot these days. They’re everywhere with so many different styles, shapes, colors and embellishments. They’ve seem to become an accessory item like jewelry. You can’t have enough of them and we need them to match the outfit like our jewelry. They have become so much a part of the outfit ensemble. Our lifestyles are forever changing, and with this, so do our handbags. In working in the industry, I have been amazed at how personal a handbag is and how so very different we are in what we choose to carry. Where do you fall with your handbags in what size that you carry?

I have young children but I am past the diaper bag stage. I still tend to carry the medium to larger size bag when the kids are around because I always get the “here mom, carry this” where-ever we go. Drives you crazy doesn’t it!! On the other hand, I’m tired of the big thing so I like the smaller size bags to feel feminine again. They are so handy especially on those ladies night out or those rare dates with my husband. Did I say rare! We like to look good and not be overpowered by our purse. That brings us into those small handbags. I found so many women to my surprise like to carry them. It dawned on me that we live in a very professional and busy world. We girl’s need to carry the basics at all times and that little purse fits the need. We live such busy lifestyles and are always on the go. We don’t want anything big and clunky in the way to slow us down any more than we need to be. If you are carrying a briefcase, portfolios, or your laptop, as well or other business items, you definitely don’t need another large item. They also come in handy in fabric for business travelers. Compact for the suitcase but look great for the dinners and business meetings. Now, those super small evening bags I just haven’t figured it out why anyone bothers. You can maybe fit your lipstick in them if you are lucky. I guess it is all in the look. I am the practical type so I don’t get it! There are plenty of reasonably sized evening bags that look great. Now ladies, I must say that too many of you buy the little handbags when you should not. I’ve seen them so crammed with stuff that they look distorted. Break down and buy a larger bag. It will look much neater and we will see the great handbag you’re carrying and not a mess.
Gone are the days of the moms carrying the huge bag with everything in it including the kitchen sink. You know, the one’s carrying the first aid kit, sewing kit, scissors etc. just as my mom does. Oh, and they need lots of pockets for all that stuff so they have a harder time finding the keys because they don’t know which pocket it’s in this time. My mom’s a seasoned grandmother and I guess she feels she still needs to carry everything. “Just in case!” There are plenty of our mothers/grandmothers out there that you know exactly what I’m talking about. I have women buy the cute nice size handbag and then the huge one for their mom. Do you fall into this huge bag syndrome?

Speaking of moms, let us not forget the dedicated new moms of the world. I honor all of you because I’ve been there done that. These are the women who give up their handbags altogether for the diaper bag. You carry so much around for the kids that you just stuff your wallet in the diaper bag. There’s no time for yourself so the lipstick is definitely dropped from the contents of what you carry. Occasionally you try to take back your womanly status and carry a purse but realize fast what a hassle. What we give up for those little blessings! Diaper bags have changed so much over the years. There are so many incredible looking diaper bags that really don’t look like a diaper bag. They are useful, because that’s important, but great looking.

That brings us to the younger set, oh to be young again. Teenagers and young adults have a mind of their own and a definite taste of their own. They are coming into themselves of who they are and what they want from life. It better be a very in and stylish handbag. Don’t dare buy a handbag for them unless they’ve seen it and asked for it. Guarantied you’ll be returning it after you’ve given it to them. They definitely like the smaller cute stylish ones. Not too fancy or stand-outish types but very in. No large one’s that might make them feel old or like a mom, not ready for it. The college set will carry the larger bag only for books in school. They appeal to the feminine side instead of the backpacks.

I ask you, where do you fall in the world of handbag size? Or are you like me and like them all and got to have them all. I guess you can call it the handbag fetish! We talked about size; let’s look next time for my next article on what’s out there and there is plenty out there.

By Mary Bailis

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Handbag Designs from Gucci

Well, it’s that time of the year again. All of the big design houses are releasing their new designs to the hungry masses, and Gucci is no exception. Unless you have been stranded on a desert isle for the last thirty years, you have undoubtedly heard of Gucci. They have been reigning over the fashion world for a great many years, and not totally without warrant. Gucci makes top quality, stylish apparel and accessories for the distinguishing shopper.

Guccio Gucci founded this fashion empire in Florence, Italy in 1906. Originally, their core business was the production of leather products, particularly saddlery. By 1938, the House of Gucci had grown into a reputable company producing a wide variety of products, and they opened their first retail shop on the Via Condotti in Rome.

Gucci’s new line of handbags for the Fall/Winter 2005/2006 season is yet another spectacular addition to their fine line of designer accessories. My particular favorite from this collection is called “Braided Straps”. It is constructed from the beautiful patterned material Gucci has become so well known for, and is beige, ebony, and white in color. The trim and straps are crafted from fine white leather, and you guess it……the straps are braided! I am utterly in love with this bag.

I have also taken a liking to the “Bardot” model. It is a stunning beauty much like its namesake, Brigitte Bardot. This purse is crafted from warm, supple, dark brown leather with a wonderful pattern embossed into it. The metal clasp is very slick, and appears to be very durable. It comes with an 8 inch shoulder belt, and the trademark Gucci logo is stamped into all of the polished metal hardware.

It is always so difficult for a young lady to choose the perfect purse. We seem to collect them the way boys collect comic books. I have given up on trying to curb my desire for new handbags, and Gucci bags are truly the ones I love most! I quite literally lust after their purses. I love being the envy of ladies everywhere as I strut down the block with my Gucci handbags, pretending that I am a supermodel on the runway. Only Gucci has that effect on me!

By Cathy Feldman

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UK Handbags - A Good “Handbagging”

The Handbag sector covers handbags with or without handles and/or shoulder straps, designed to carry everyday personal belongings. Occasional evening bags are also included as handbags. The market can be divided into firstly, traditional real leather handbags, produced from mechanically or chemically processed animal pelts, and secondly, synthetic fabric handbags, constructed mainly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane. Of the former, the highest quality handbags are made of full grain leather and the lowest quality handbags made of white split leather.

It is estimated the UK handbag industry is worth £1 billion and is growing steadily in value. This growth in handbag sales is put down to women regarding handbags as essential, having more than one, co-ordinating them with outfits as fashion accessories and choosing different sizes or styles to suit the occasion..

The UK once had a thriving leather handbag industry centred largely in Southwark, East London and Walsall. However, as with all industries in the UK, decline set in from lack of investment, the arrival of synthetic fabrics and the influx of cheap imports. These days, what is left of the UK handbag industry concentrates on high quality and design. Half of the UK handbag imports from the EU come from Italy, with France and Spain major handbag exporters to the UK. From outside the EU, predictably nearly 90% of handbags come from China, although India exports a significant amount of leather handbags the UK.

The high end of the UK handbag market thrives because buyers realise if looked after, the leather will age well, and buying good quality is a worthwhile investment. Italy is renowned for its fine leather, with Tuscan leather particularly prized. Fashion Houses Gucci and Prada have Tuscan roots.

Current trends within the handbag sector are for handbags to be made of tweed and wool in an imitation of clothing. The Leading supplier of leather for handbags is Pittards, who report a growth in demand for more colourful and textured leather. A continuing trend is the in-corporation of pockets for mobile phones and other electrical gadgets.

By Glyn Barlow


Product Description

The fashion world is wild for Legacy, and this classy yet functional bag proves why. Vintage leather and iconic details combine to be surprisingly modern. The perfect bag for the professional business ladies. Retail at Coach is $698+tax. Most items will require a signature at the time of delivery. Guaranteed Authentic Coach or TWO TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK.

Product Features

* Made of Durable natural cowhide tanned leather in Dark Ink Blue
* Zippered top closure; front convenient flap pocket with magnetic snap closure; exterior back zip pocket
* Two durable 17 inch laced leather handles (6.5 inch drop length); antique brass hardware
* Fully lined interior with iconic legacy satin lining; inside three multifunction pockets

Brighton Purses: The New Face of Handbags

In 1991, the Brighton brand was born in California. Brighton is probably most well known for the one thing that makes this relatively new company so extremely unique and therefore popular: head to toe coordination. With the help of Brighton you can match your sunglasses to your lipstick case; match your fingernails to your earrings; match your socks to your handbag. Whatever you choose to coordinate, Brighton is here to help make your ever desire a reality. Brighton purses were added to the popular company at the end of 1993.

Perhaps something that makes the company itself unique is its warranty. Brighton has a warranty that states that you are protected from faulty workmanship and/or structure defects for an entire year from the original purchase date. Of course, this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or negligence. In addition, the warranty is not transferable from one owner to the next. Only the original owner is under warranty. However, should you have reason to use your warranty, they will completely replace the item in question. In addition, the handbags are under two-year warranty, not one. This process is quick, painless, and done with a smile. Brighton understands what customer satisfaction is and they bring it to you only the way Brighton can.

Brighton purses fall into nine main categories: casual handbags, contemporary handbags, fabric handbags, mini bag pouch, mini bags, novelty handbags, romantic handbags, straw handbags, and finally there traditional handbags. These fine handbags start at around $50 USD and go up to around $400 USD. One of the best things about their handbags is that Brighton also sells matching accessories for your purse! Yep, you read right. These marvelous and affordable designer handbags come with coordinating accessories such as sunglasses, lipstick cases, and even earrings and watches.

Brighton is available in over 6,000 specialty stores nationwide, and there are over 50 all-Brighton stores nationwide. The philosophy of Brighton does not allow for the opportunity to sell to department stores or the Internet - although Brighton does have an informational web site. Brighton has a face in every state and is visibly seen through the world. Brighton is known as being the new, upcoming force that believes in high quality, precision, and customer service.

People who choose Brighton only except the best. They acknowledge that quality has a price, and they see that not all quality is affordable to the average person. Thanks to Brighton purses and accessories, the average person can affordable quality, style, and fashion. So when you want the best, try a Brighton purse. You will not feel disappointed. Brighton is the number one leader of complete customer satisfaction with one of the best warranties in the business.

By Alise Fiore

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Choosing A Perfect Designer Handbag

There are of course many different kinds of handbag on the market, and choosing the perfect designer handbag is rarely an easy or a quick decision. Finding the right bag, however, is vital to achieving the look you are aiming for, and the right purse can make virtually any outfit look great.

Every woman of course understands the value of a great designer handbag, and a purse is much more than just a safe place to stash money and other valuables. The right designer handbag is as much a fashion statement as any other part of the outfit, and a great designer bag has a lot to say about the taste, style and sophistication of the wearer.

Of course when it comes to shopping for the perfect designer handbags it is important to exercise plenty of caution. The very fact that designer handbags are enjoying such popularity has also meant an increase in the number of fakes, and popular and expensive name brands like Brighton, Coach, Fendi and XOXO are among the most frequently copied.

Buying one of these cheap designer knockoffs is far more than just a waste of money, and it is all too easy to get taken. The materials used in the manufacture of cheap designer copies are usually substandard, and that means that the purse you buy will not be able to stand up to repeated use. A genuine designer handbag, on the other hand, should be able to last for many years of use, and this can make the genuine article a far better value in the long run.

There are a number of important things to look for when it comes to buying a fine designer purse or handbag. One of the most important things to look at is the quality of the fine details. Looking at these small details can tell you a lot about the quality and workmanship that went into the manufacture of the purse, so it pays to look beyond the designer name on the front of the bag.

For instance, the stitching around the seams of the handbag can tell you a great deal about whether or not it is the genuine article. While a genuine product from a fine company like Fendi or Coach will be of obviously high quality, stitching that appears to be uneven or inferior is often the first sign of a fake product. Likewise, the interior detailing will be elegant and classic on a genuine designer purse, but it may appear shoddy on a knockoff. It pays to look at these details carefully in order to make sure you are truly getting the best product for your money.

After all, there are many different designers of handbags these days, and each designer bag will have its own unique set of features. It is important to choose a bag that is not only stunning and beautiful, but practical and affordable as well. There are designer purses and handbags perfect for virtually any taste and budget, ranging from bags that cost only about $100 to ones so expensive only the wealthiest can afford them. It is important to shop carefully and to make sure the bag you want suits your budget as well as your unique taste.

By Angle Tingen

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton

You can Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton items on ebay as long as you do some research. In this article I will go through 4 ways to ensure you're not getting the short end of the stick!


Know the company: Louis Vuitton has been around since 1854.

Louis Vuitton Does not Discount, not even end of the year sales not at saks, Neiman Marcus nordstrom etc...

Louis Vuitton does not wholesale, the only place to find Brand new LV is on Ebay, eluxury or

Louis Vuitton does not have any outlets or secondaries. If you find a problem with a LV bag they will usually accept returns. They do not Hand the bag down to an outlet, they simply destroy the bag.


Know the person selling the items:

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK SELLERS- Well obviously if they are getting a large amount of negative feed back on ebay, they are more than likely selling fakes... Never a good thing.

PRIVATE FEEDBACK SELLERS- Why would anyone want to keep their feedback private? The only ones that have something to hide are the ones who have negative feedback, usually when I see these I just pass on by.

ZERO FEEDBACK SELLERS- People that have Zero feedback are obviously the new customers ebay has recruited. A lot of times you can wait for a period of time and see how they progress. It really is up to you if you want to give them a try. Just remember its your hard earned money.


Know the Date code:

Louis Vuitton uses what you would call production code. This code is for their own purpose. It does give some sort of clue as to how old the bag is or where it was made. The codes on them are not unique, there are some that have the same number. Since the early 90's this code has been marked by 2 Letters followed by 4 numbers.


Get Pictures:

While on ebay, do not be afraid to email the seller asking them for pictures of the front, back,sides, lining, anything you can come up with. Not too long ago, a good friend of mine briefly spoke with a louis vuitton representative. She was told a really easy way to spot a fake Louis Vuitton is to look at the outer seams of a purse. A real Louis Vuitton purse will not have the "LV" initials shortened in any way, so if you see a Louis Vuitton purse selling for hundreds, but the seam you only see a half or cut off "LV" Do Not Buy It! Unless you want a fake. Take these tips and apply them.

By Eric G Walker

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Handbag. The Right Style That Suits

As we all known a handbag is an essential item for all women and it is becoming more difficult for us to choose the right one because of the amount of different styles and shapes now available. But it is important that when you are selecting a new handbag you look for one that suits your body type.

Whilst over size and large handbags are ideal for the tall and slim amongst us a smaller handbag can make you look even taller. There it is preferable that you select a small one and the most suitable kind for tall, thin women is either a clutch, over size or shoulder bag.

Whilst shorter women should be looking at small handbags at all times. A larger handbag can be overpowering and make them look even shorter and looking for a tight fitting short handbag which is held against the body will make them look taller.

However, if you one of the luck ones who is blessed with a curvaceous body then opt for a medium sized handbag which hangs just above your waist. Not only will it accentuate your waistline but it will make your body look even more flattering than it already is. Yet women who are of a plus size should avoid handbags with short straps and short handbags at all times, but carrying a larger, wider bag they are making themselves look smaller.

You will find that there are many classifications of handbags now available from the shoulder, to the hand held, to back packs, tote bags and the clutch. You will usually find that a should bag comes in a much larger size than most handbags and will always be worn over the shoulder. Not only do they come in a variation of shapes and sizes but they also provide you with more space inside as well as being very stylish at the same time.

However handle handbags which come with straps or handles are normally held in the hand and used as a fashion accessory only. They are often smaller in comparison to many other handbags. But if you are looking for something to use when out in the evening, say going to a party or a nightclub then a clutch handbag will probably be your best choice as they are small and need to be held in the hand at all times. Whilst the tote bag is specifically designed to be used for casual purposes, they usually come with one or two compartments which will provide you with enough space for all items you wish to put inside.

Then we come to back packs, the staid item of any student as they can carry their books with ease in one of these and because it has 2 straps which are placed on each shoulder the weight inside is balanced equally.

The handheld handbags, with straps or handles, are held only in the hand. Used for fashion purposes and for strolling, these handheld handbags are smaller compared to the other handbags. The tote bags are mainly used for casual purposes. With a simple color and one or two compartments, these tote handbags provide a lot of space. They are big bags and fall around the elbow, in the middle of the body.

But at the end of the day the type of handbag you use will depend completely on your own sense of style and taste and also when you will be using it or the place you will be taking it to. It is advisable to select a handbag that suits your mood and personality.

By Allison Thompson,

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Power Of A Picture Handbag

Almost every woman has a handbag. It is one of the essential things to carry around when you go to the office, to the church, or even when you're just shopping around. The search for the perfect handbag is one of the most common problems that women encounter. Think it's funny? Well, to most women it is not. The process of selecting the right handbag can be a daunting task.

Seldom can you find women without a handbag. And this is true from professional women to the ordinary ones. And most of the time, their handbags compliment the dress that they usually wear.
The handbag has a certain magnetic power that is probably why most women can't leave their homes without carrying a handbag. Women carry all sorts of things like make-ups, lipsticks, perfumes, and many 'little things' that only women enjoy carrying. Where else are they to put those things but in a handbag. Aside from handbags, you can also find a purse or a cosmetic bag inside it.

So you see, when you say handbag, the first thing that probably comes into your mind are women; or is it the other way around? Nevertheless, these two go along well with each other.

The newest trend today in women's handbags is the so called photo/picture handbag. It is named so because of the picture that you can find on the bag itself. It is now possible to purchase a personally customized handbag.

If you haven't been shopping for a new bag lately, maybe it's time that you catch up on the latest things offered now in the market.

Picture handbags are gaining a lot of popularity. With these bags, you can actually choose what picture to incorporate in the bag. It may be a picture from a favorite movie scene, or personal pictures of family and friends.

The thing is you are free to choose which picture to put in the bag. It is not a simple process though, so you need to hire professional help or simply purchase directly from a manufacturer.

First step is to choose which picture or photo to incorporate in the handbag; then select the handbag design. It would help to know that tote and bucket style bags are more appropriate to use for picture handbags. These bags come in different shapes and sizes. The larger the bag, the more costly it will become.

Aside from tote and bucket bags, you can also have pictures embedded in a beach or diaper bag. Most picture handbags have pictures printed on only one side, but if you wish to have both sides contain pictures, you can make a request. Expect to pay more money anyway.

If you want, your petite bags, cosmetic bags and purses can also be turned into photo/picture bags that will match your handbag.

Owning even just one picture bag will prove to be a good investment. You can actually say that you've been creative enough to choose the particular design of your handbag, and not only that, it has an added personal touch.

Spending a certain amount of money on your picture handbag is nothing compared to your unending search for the perfect handbag that will suit your needs. Now, you can have a handbag that will carry your personal signature in it.

By Mario Churchill

Burberry Heather Woven White Leather Shoulder Bag 3201163

Product Description

Woven white leather oversize satchel. Inverted pleat detail. Silvertone hardware. Burberry logo plate on bottom front of bag. Zip top closure. 32" detachable adjustable white leather shoulder strap with buckle detailing and shoulder pad; 15" drop. Double rolled white leather handles with 6 1/2" drop. Beige tonal check lining. Inner zip pocket, cell phone pocket, and 2 slip pockets. Dimensions: 18" width x 13" height x 7" depth.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Current Handbag Affairs - Limiting Designer Handbag Sales & Heavy Purse Concerns

January 2008 Designer handbag woes of the month. Warnings are on Television, online and on the news. Everywhere you surf or shop, you can read about or hear about two current issues concerning a woman's handbag:

1. Health issues concerning women who carry a heavy handbag.

2. Limiting designer handbags sales imposed by the department stores.

Do you think it's a coincidence? First, we hear about how unhealthy handbags are becoming, and then we are told we can't buy as many as we want. It is all quite humorous.

FIRST issue - Health Concerns and A Heavy Handbag.

The concern of health related issues around carrying a heavy handbag has been on T.V. talk shows, the news and online. When was the last time anyone wrote a story or news flash about the weight a Pharmaceutical Salesperson lugs around on his/her Doctor office visits? These folks use bags on wheels the load is so heavy! And, they do it everyday from the trunk of a car or van, up flights of stairs, on elevators, down long hallways, through crowds and some even inside and out of taxis. Or, what about the lap top industry taking notice about the weight people carry around all day to do their jobs? Most women carry a large bag because they commute to work and need extra items to make it through the day. Or, they are too busy to clean out the bag before they leave the house. Students have been lugging heavy book bags for year. What's their health concerns? You may think it is a joke, but some women like carrying a large purse because it makes them feel smaller. There are a lot of big women who think they look strange carrying anything less than a large bag. A bag plus normal contents equals normal handbag weight.

There are many large handbag styles that weight little. Chanel, even with its long chain straps, uses light weight lamb leather and vinyl in its designs. The USA brand of Tano all-leather bags are light weight considering their size. Gucci uses monogram fabric in their construction making the bag weight tolerable.

Women who commute and travel to and from work everyday enjoy taking a bottle of water, a book to read, some munchies and female essentials. These women either carry a small purse and a second tote bag/briefcase or one large attractive designer handbag. This does not mean the same weight in a purse is carried out to dinner on a Saturday night or when shopping at the grocery store. There's a purpose behind the heavy handbag, and it hasn't caused any life-threatening disease. We may want to look closer at these "handbag rental" companies who pass along germs and viruses from person-to-person instead. Yuck, just the thought of using a handbag a stranger has carried is repulsive. Renting a designer handbag poses more health issues than carrying a heavy bag!

SECOND issue - Limiting designer handbag sales by the department stores.

This is such an unrealistic predictor of designer bag sales. Most of the websites in question have had a limit on the number of designer items they would sell regardless of the "breaking news." Plus, it won't hurt the sale or resale of designer purses. Women will buy what they want and figure out a way to get it regardless of anyone's rules! What we should really be focused upon is the prices women pay for their fashion icon purchases. Seems like there's a much bigger issue here than quantity. The issue should be quality and cost. The weakness of the USD plays an important part, too. Some handbags sell for the same price as a new car! That's what we need to look at. Not, how many we are allowed to purchase, but rather how much we have to pay to own one.

The best materials come from Europe. Italy's leather and designs have ranked the highest over the years. However, if the same bag was assembled in a more cost-effective manner, the price would be less. The hype about Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, etc. is all just a matter of taste, style and design. Some of the design houses are notorious about pricing. Others, focus more on production and distribution. Then, the counterfeit market jumps onboard and screws it up for all of us. In the end, it doesn't matter how much women are allowed to purchase, it's how they can figure out a way to manipulate the system to get what they want.

The best example is the Hermes Birkin bag. The bag is large, heavy, hand-held and high-priced. Most women who want one figure out a way to get it even though they are rarely available through Hermes. Look at eBay. There are sellers on eBay who list 10-15 Birkin bags. Where are they getting these bags if Hermes limits the manufacturing, distribution and resale of the coveted Birkin? Someone figured out a way to buy them regardless of the Designer's decision for limiting sales. Honestly, most women who carry a Birkin suffer from hand, wrist and neck pain due to its weight. Even Jane Birkin herself reports she stopped carrying the bag because over time it became too painful. The empty Birkin bag outweighs any other handbag filled with a person's daily essentials.


Are we concerned? Is there something we need to worry about? Or, is the designer handbag industry looking for ways to sell more bags? The fashion bag industry is booming. In 2005, the average cost of a designer purse the major high-end department stores was about $2000. In 2007, the same item averaged about $3000. A woman's designer handbag wishes are here to stay regardless of health issues, availability and cost. Women get what they want, and in the fashion industry they suffer to look good! This is not going to change or fade away in the near future. So, go shopping and carry doesn't matter how much you spend or how much it weighs. Every working woman deserves the designer handbag of their dreams!

By Anna Miller

An Introduction to Handbag Manufacturing

Where Do Handbags Come From?

Have you ever wondered where your designer handbag came from and what went in to making it? And how does a handbag go from an idea to a finished product and why do they cost so much? Bringing a handbag or purse design to life is an involved process-and the higher the quality of the bag, the more thought goes into its creation. The process usually begins with a sketch; however before any drawings can move into production, the designer needs to consider the latest handbag trends to ensure that the finished product will fit into current styles, meet consumer demands and offer enough differentiation to make the bag unique from others on the market. 

A skilled pattern maker will use the drawings to create a paper model or prototype of the bag and an official pattern that will be used to create the entire luxury handbag collection. But before the bags can be made, the materials and colors must be selected. For example, one handbag could come in several colors or types of leather, from soft, calfskin leather to ostrich. The silhouette plays an important role in selecting the type of leather; a structured shoulder bag should use a more durable and stiff leather while a hobo or slouchy handbag would use softer, more pliable leather. After the materials are selected, a leather cutter will cut the leather for each handbag and prepare it for stitching. This is a delicate process that requires a skilled leather worker, which contributes to the cost of an authentic handbag. Each piece must be cut perfectly to correspond to the handbag pattern-only an experienced leather cutter will know how to best work with specific types of leather to ensure that the end result is perfect. 

The next step in making a handbag is stitching. A banconista or assembler will recreate the paper handbag model from the leather cutouts. The leather is either hand-stitched or stitched with a sewing machine. This job requires the utmost craftsmanship to be able to stitch fine, straight seems on leather, in particular more rigid leathers-one wrong stitch would leave a permanent mark in the leather, ruining the entire piece. The more details the handbag has-like hardware, and inner pockets-the more complicated the fabrication process. The final quality of a handbag is determined during this stage of the process. Any mistakes will affect how the bag looks and will hold up over time. The next stage is the finishing. The bag will still look different than the prototype, as it is missing hardware, zippers or closures. During this process, each handbag is inspected for defects and all hardware is added. The leather handbags are now ready for shipping. Each handbag is individually wrapped in a cloth bag ad shipped to the customer or boutique. 

Handbag Costs

As you can see, manufacturing an authentic handbag is a lengthy and involved process. The cost of a handbag is determined by: 

The prestige of the brand
Quality of materials used to make each handbag
The experience of the leather artisans
Production and facility costs
So the next time you're shopping for a new luxury handbag, you'll have a better understanding of what goes in to creating the finished product.

By Amy Covington

Organizer Handbag - The Reasons For Having It

Organizer handbag is a boon for each disorganized woman. If you have ever had an experience such chaos and anger as well as frustration, it is time that you think to purchase an organizer handbag to make you controlled your emotions and temper.

A inimitable option of Storing Things

The organizer handbag is a particular type of handbag that has its own extremely distinctive compartments or pouches where you can keep your items in a more organized system. The organizer handbag is preferably suited to get rid of clutter and help you keep everything in a more orderly way. Thereby eliminate the need to look through into the depths of your handbag groping for something that you maybe need in a rush.

The organizer handbag made its appearance several few years back. The initial ones were fundamentally a one-size-fits all sort of handbag. Of course, unless you buy the organizer handbag from a discount store, you will otherwise be forced to part with an extensive sum of money to possess one.

Fundamentally, an organizer handbag has to possess enough area within to hold different items including your cell phone as well as makeup items, your tissue and wallet and whatever else you need to carry about with you. At the moment designers of such handbags are centralizing on their efforts in coming up with more helpful organizer handbags. As a result, there is less importance on the overall look and appearance of such handbags.

Enormous owners of organizer handbags love to own this kind of handbag since they could store certain things easily and figure them out easily as well. Commonly, this type of handbag has pocket to store your cell phone, so that you will not be troubled to find it in your handbag.

In the bottom line, there are so numerous advantages for having an organizer handbag. You will have no trouble in organizing as well as removing your items to and from the handbag easily. Particularly to an unsystematic woman, this type of handbag will get fullest usefulness.

By Isabella Gilma

Louis Vuitton Handbags - Unique Fashion That Enhances Your Sense of Style

One of the top designers in terms of travel bags and leather goods is Louis Vuitton. If one of your goals is to enhance your wardrobe then Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely a must-have. You can choose from several different varieties of bags, and the new up and coming season brings about great new designs from the manufacturer that you will love, no matter what your style. This article goes into some information about the new arrivals, in addition to the best places to buy your new purse.

Wallets by Louis Vuitton are just as fashionable as the purses, and there are a quite few styles that are available as well. You can buy the conventional design wallet, which is dark brown leather with the tan Louis Vuitton symbols appearing throughout the wallet. The Pochette is another type of Louis Vuitton wallets for you to take a look at; the wallets are small enough in size for you to carry anywhere, but will certainly fit all your important items, so some individuals just use it as a small purse.

Various Lines and Styles

Louis Vuitton handbags are classic in style, but the appearance is always changed somewhat in order to give you something fresh and new to select from for the season. The Tivoli GM, for instance, has the classic Louis Vuitton print, but is has a shape similar to a bowling bag, giving you extra room to store your items. The purse also has base studs so that you can sit it on the floor or other flat surface without having to concern yourself about it tumbling over.

The Palermo PM is one of the new Louis Vuitton handbags that is excellent for traveling, since it comes equipped with an added strap for you to wear across the shoulder in case you are carrying any heavy items in the bag, but the Beverly handbag line is smaller and more pragmatic for everyday use. It has a more vintage shape to it, and is very feminine. These bags all have a similar print, but the design and shape of them make them oriented to different styles and preferences.

Places To Research and Buy

If you want to find out where you can purchase Louis Vuitton handbags, you can visit the designer online resource at Louisvuitton to get descriptions of each handbag and to find out about the various costs and other great Louis Vuitton accessories. You can also visit the online destination Handbagcrew and Overstock to find reduced prices on wallets and purses by the designer. You can also discover other great designers on these sites that have the same quality, and you will be able to see just how much you will save by buying on these sites--the prices you would actually pay in a department store are ordinarily much more. Happy shopping!

By Korbin Newlyn

Burberry Heather Woven Chocolate Leather Shoulder Bag 3201164

Product Description

Woven chocolate leather oversize satchel. Inverted pleat detail. Goldtone hardware. Burberry logo plate on bottom front of bag. Zip top closure. 32" detachable adjustable chocolate leather shoulder strap with buckle detailing and shoulder pad; 15" drop. Double rolled chocolate leather handles with 6 1/2" drop. Brown tonal check lining. Inner zip pocket, cell phone pocket, and 2 slip pockets. Dimensions: 18" width x 13" height x 7" depth.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shop Online For The All Occasions Dooney Bourke It Handbag

One of the most important accessories to a woman's outfit may possibly be her handbag. To have a great total look, you have to be carrying a great bag. The Dooney "It" bag is the perfect bag just for that complete look. These bags are stylish and functional. They can be matched up to any outfit, whether your wearing sporty or dressy. If you are carrying an "It" handbag to work that day, you won't have to worry about changing purses for the evening because they can be worn from day into night.

The Dooney & Bourke "It" handbag has become even more popular than ever before. Women and girls of all ages are searching for these bags and are loving the styles and colors. If you are a person who is into wearing darker colors and do not like the light pastel colors of the bags, you can still have an "It" in black or blue. I usually will only wear certain colors in each season and if my handbag doesn't match the season, then it doesn't get taken out. But, with the "It" handbag, you can sport it all year round because of its weather treated cotton, leather trim and color coordinating lining. It's functionality and durability stands out with its inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, pocket for lipstick, inside key hook, and adjustable handles. The storage pockets make it easy to find what you need and quicker.

There are several different looks to the "It" bag so you aren't stuck with just one look all the time. I know some women who will stick to just one name brand and style of that bag and won't even think about buying anything else. A friend of mine will only carry the Coach brand and will only buy the signature styles. I tell her all the time about the many beautiful bags that she is missing out on, but she won't budge. With the Dooney & Bourke "It" handbag, you can stick to that particular type of bag, but switch up the styles every once in awhile. You can choose from their slouch bag, barrel shaped bag, circle bag or backpack, doctor's bag, totes or for the sporty look go with the mini gym bag or the bucket. They even have the cutest little lunch bags that look like handbags. Just remember not to throw these away. Pulling your bag out of the trash can be a bit embarrassing.

A great place to find these amazing bags is just a click away on your computer. The internet has a vast selection of stores that carry the Dooney line of handbags that are affordable and save you lots of money. You can search online for Dooney & Bourke It handbag and find an array of sites that cater to just that handbag or you can look for sites that show you all types of handbags with just a click of your mouse. Not only does shopping online save you money, it saves you time and gas. No more packing the kids up to shop. Grab your computer, find a comfortable seat and just click away. Have fun!

By Nicole Ross

Buy Your Next Dooney & Bourke It Handbag Online

Over the past few years Dooney has made more than 6 different styles of handbags. The "It" bag being just one of them. The colorful designs with the DB initials on the bags makes them playful and sophisticated at the same time. They have become popular with the women and girls of all ages.

The "It" bag, has weather treated cotton with leather trim and color coordinating lining. Its functional and durable with its inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, pocket for lipstick, inside key hook, and adjustable handles. The storage pockets make it easy to find what you need and quicker. These bags are perfect for the new season. With spring amongst us, the vibrant floral colors of the "It" bag will go very well with whatever you pull out of your closet to wear. For those of you who enjoy wearing dark colors year round, there is even an "It" in black, so that you can wear a Dooney at all times.

The DB handbags have made a huge comeback from the plain brown signature handbag. With it's new line of updated "It" bags like the slouch bags, or the backpacks. I especially like the tassel bags. They are what I call "all occasion" handbags. Dressy enough to wear to a business meeting, and casual enough to take out at night for socializing. Just be careful when trying to match shoes with these handbags. That can get a bit tricky depending on the season. If you are carrying your "It" handbag in the colder months, you do not want to try to match white shoes with your white handbag. Go with another color like light browns or mauve colors.

Dooney & Bourke carries the top of the line products that are affordable and available for anyone to own. Prices range from $100 to $300 for most styles. The more expensive handbags still are fairly priced, ranging from $300 to $500. These handbags and other products can be found in high-end department stores such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom. There are even Dooney & Bourke outlets throughout the U.S. For those of you unfortunates who can not get to the outlets you should try shopping online for your discounted handbags.

Shopping online for your "It" bag is a great idea because you can save lots of time and energy searching through the stores for that one particular bag that you want. I hate when I get to a store and they tell me, "Sorry, we just sold the last one." That tells me that I should have either called first or just ordered online like I wanted to in the first place. The gas that I wasted could have paid for my shipping and handling.

So, not only does shopping online save you lots of money, it saves you time and energy. Ebay is a great place to find the DB "It" bag and all others. There are many online stores that carry this brand and have wonderful savings that are well worth it. You might even stubble upon something you had been looking for all over the place and couldn't find. The internet is an awesome place to find anything imaginable. So, for your next handbag purchase, go online and save, save, save!

By Nicole Ross

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Handbags - Useful Accessories That Makes You on the Go

What makes us on the go are handbags, be it is a small purse or huge luggage, a handbag help us carry several belongings while away from home. When we go out shopping for a purse, we see to it that our choice would depend on a specific purpose and that it gives us a taste of fashion. There are so many places where we can find different variety of purses to choose from, this gives a shopper many choices in style, color, and most of all functionality.

Purses are made to meet different purposes. They can be small enough to give convenience, however large enough to carry conveniently for several kinds of function. Useful and functional accessories like handbags are best for users who are always on the go throughout the day - professional, students, or those those who simply carry many things. Because of its versatility,a handbag become many people's best friend as it can carry a lot into its contents.

If you need something larger, then a tote bag would be a great suggestion. Tote bags have a quite large size that lets you pack several essential items. This kind of handbag is perfect for items that small purses can't accommodate. Tote bags often comes with several rooms and pockets that allows you to carry a few little extras. You can also find tote bags that have a roomier interior that accommodates bulky stuff like shoes or extra apparel. Tote bags don't have that much difference with beach bags because they both great when you simply need a large empty space.

If you often travel out of the country, a travel bag is your great companion. Travel bags can be smaller or bigger but can organize your several necessities. These bags are usually carry with ease in places like airports or small overhead bins, as well as long road trips. This simply means that you don't have to carry a huge travel bag and get exhausted for you can always find large and convenient bag to carry for long hours of trip. Travel bags often have a functional interior with several pockets and interior compartments to separately pack some items.

There are also utility bags that serves multipurpose functions. For moms, a diaper bag would be their convenient accessory when going out with baby. Baby diaper bags often come in cute so baby-like designs. They also have several rooms and small pockets. This bag comes with different types, such as messenger, tote, back pack, etc.

You can find all these different kinds of bags online. Shopping online gives people a convenient avenue to purchase different handbags out from an endless selection. You can find so many choices of functional and fashionable handbags with different range of prices as well. Designer fashion bags are known for their quite expensive prices and custom handbags, on the other hand, are often affordable. Choices of functional customized handbags include personalized tote bags, monogrammed backpacks, embroidered evening bags and etc. You can even find customized utility bags such as embroidered toiletry bags, cosmetic purses and weekender bags.

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Is Your Authentic Designer Handbag Really Authentic?

So, you have just bought a new designer handbag. Maybe you have had your eye on a Christian Dior Saddle Handbag, or Gucci Jackie-O that you know your friends will drool over . You got a huge discount off of the hefty retail price and you're feeling pretty good about yourself. But now you are wondering- is my designer handbag authentic.

Determining the authenticity on any product can be a little tricky, but if you know the basics, you will be able to spot a fake in just a few seconds.

One of the best ways to ensure your new handbag is authentic is to look at the bag itself. Designer handbags are popular and cost as much as they due because first and for-most they are made from quality materials. Take a good look at the stitching. There should be no loose or missing stitches, the color of the thread should match the main color of the bag and the stitches should be evenly spaced. If the handbag is leather, the logo should be engraved, not just printed on the leather.

Also take a look at the hardware. All of the hardware should match in color and sheen. The hardware should also be free of scratches. Many manufactures, including Gucci, Fendi and Prada, protect their hardware with a removable plastic cover that is to be removed only after it has been purchased. The brand name or logo should be engraved, not embossed or simply printed on the hardware. You can also find the brand name of logo engraved on the strap hardware on Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel.

Inspect the material the bag; lining, hardware and accents are made of. Many handbags are made of different types of leather, from Lambskin, Calfskin, Goatskin and Patent Leather, but it is easy to distinguish if the leather is of a good quality or not. The lining is usually made of a satin material that has a nice shine to it and most designer handbags have the name brand name or logo on the lining. Designers almost always use leather accents, not plastic. Some purses have straps that are specially coated and seem to be artificial. However a quick look at the edge of the strap, usually near a stitched joint, should reveal a leather core.

Is there an authenticity card. An authenticity card is a little card that usually has the manufactures logo embossed on the front and has some information about the product you purchased and sometimes includes a magnetic strip, bar code. Many manufacturers, including Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Kate Spade and Coach, use these cards.

Check for a serial number. Not all manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. The serial number for Fendi purses can be found on the inside pocket. Simply turn the pocket inside out and there will be a printed number on the fabric or possibly on the leather tag. Gucci includes a small leather tag on the zipper seam of the handbag which includes a serial number.

If you shop wisely, and inspect the bag carefully, you will be able to spot a fake from a mile away.

By Deanna Key