Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton

You can Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton items on ebay as long as you do some research. In this article I will go through 4 ways to ensure you're not getting the short end of the stick!


Know the company: Louis Vuitton has been around since 1854.

Louis Vuitton Does not Discount, not even end of the year sales not at saks, Neiman Marcus nordstrom etc...

Louis Vuitton does not wholesale, the only place to find Brand new LV is on Ebay, eluxury or

Louis Vuitton does not have any outlets or secondaries. If you find a problem with a LV bag they will usually accept returns. They do not Hand the bag down to an outlet, they simply destroy the bag.


Know the person selling the items:

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK SELLERS- Well obviously if they are getting a large amount of negative feed back on ebay, they are more than likely selling fakes... Never a good thing.

PRIVATE FEEDBACK SELLERS- Why would anyone want to keep their feedback private? The only ones that have something to hide are the ones who have negative feedback, usually when I see these I just pass on by.

ZERO FEEDBACK SELLERS- People that have Zero feedback are obviously the new customers ebay has recruited. A lot of times you can wait for a period of time and see how they progress. It really is up to you if you want to give them a try. Just remember its your hard earned money.


Know the Date code:

Louis Vuitton uses what you would call production code. This code is for their own purpose. It does give some sort of clue as to how old the bag is or where it was made. The codes on them are not unique, there are some that have the same number. Since the early 90's this code has been marked by 2 Letters followed by 4 numbers.


Get Pictures:

While on ebay, do not be afraid to email the seller asking them for pictures of the front, back,sides, lining, anything you can come up with. Not too long ago, a good friend of mine briefly spoke with a louis vuitton representative. She was told a really easy way to spot a fake Louis Vuitton is to look at the outer seams of a purse. A real Louis Vuitton purse will not have the "LV" initials shortened in any way, so if you see a Louis Vuitton purse selling for hundreds, but the seam you only see a half or cut off "LV" Do Not Buy It! Unless you want a fake. Take these tips and apply them.

By Eric G Walker

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