Friday, June 19, 2009

Handbag Size, We Definitely Know What We Want And Lifestyle Has All To Do With It.

Handbags are very hot these days. They’re everywhere with so many different styles, shapes, colors and embellishments. They’ve seem to become an accessory item like jewelry. You can’t have enough of them and we need them to match the outfit like our jewelry. They have become so much a part of the outfit ensemble. Our lifestyles are forever changing, and with this, so do our handbags. In working in the industry, I have been amazed at how personal a handbag is and how so very different we are in what we choose to carry. Where do you fall with your handbags in what size that you carry?

I have young children but I am past the diaper bag stage. I still tend to carry the medium to larger size bag when the kids are around because I always get the “here mom, carry this” where-ever we go. Drives you crazy doesn’t it!! On the other hand, I’m tired of the big thing so I like the smaller size bags to feel feminine again. They are so handy especially on those ladies night out or those rare dates with my husband. Did I say rare! We like to look good and not be overpowered by our purse. That brings us into those small handbags. I found so many women to my surprise like to carry them. It dawned on me that we live in a very professional and busy world. We girl’s need to carry the basics at all times and that little purse fits the need. We live such busy lifestyles and are always on the go. We don’t want anything big and clunky in the way to slow us down any more than we need to be. If you are carrying a briefcase, portfolios, or your laptop, as well or other business items, you definitely don’t need another large item. They also come in handy in fabric for business travelers. Compact for the suitcase but look great for the dinners and business meetings. Now, those super small evening bags I just haven’t figured it out why anyone bothers. You can maybe fit your lipstick in them if you are lucky. I guess it is all in the look. I am the practical type so I don’t get it! There are plenty of reasonably sized evening bags that look great. Now ladies, I must say that too many of you buy the little handbags when you should not. I’ve seen them so crammed with stuff that they look distorted. Break down and buy a larger bag. It will look much neater and we will see the great handbag you’re carrying and not a mess.
Gone are the days of the moms carrying the huge bag with everything in it including the kitchen sink. You know, the one’s carrying the first aid kit, sewing kit, scissors etc. just as my mom does. Oh, and they need lots of pockets for all that stuff so they have a harder time finding the keys because they don’t know which pocket it’s in this time. My mom’s a seasoned grandmother and I guess she feels she still needs to carry everything. “Just in case!” There are plenty of our mothers/grandmothers out there that you know exactly what I’m talking about. I have women buy the cute nice size handbag and then the huge one for their mom. Do you fall into this huge bag syndrome?

Speaking of moms, let us not forget the dedicated new moms of the world. I honor all of you because I’ve been there done that. These are the women who give up their handbags altogether for the diaper bag. You carry so much around for the kids that you just stuff your wallet in the diaper bag. There’s no time for yourself so the lipstick is definitely dropped from the contents of what you carry. Occasionally you try to take back your womanly status and carry a purse but realize fast what a hassle. What we give up for those little blessings! Diaper bags have changed so much over the years. There are so many incredible looking diaper bags that really don’t look like a diaper bag. They are useful, because that’s important, but great looking.

That brings us to the younger set, oh to be young again. Teenagers and young adults have a mind of their own and a definite taste of their own. They are coming into themselves of who they are and what they want from life. It better be a very in and stylish handbag. Don’t dare buy a handbag for them unless they’ve seen it and asked for it. Guarantied you’ll be returning it after you’ve given it to them. They definitely like the smaller cute stylish ones. Not too fancy or stand-outish types but very in. No large one’s that might make them feel old or like a mom, not ready for it. The college set will carry the larger bag only for books in school. They appeal to the feminine side instead of the backpacks.

I ask you, where do you fall in the world of handbag size? Or are you like me and like them all and got to have them all. I guess you can call it the handbag fetish! We talked about size; let’s look next time for my next article on what’s out there and there is plenty out there.

By Mary Bailis

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