Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is a Designer Handbag Anyway?

The question then becomes: what is a handbag? What is a designer handbag considered to be? Most people in the fashion industry would describe a designer handbag as a handbag, made of any sort of material, that is created by a well known fashion designer. Names of famous fashion designers include:

* Christian Dior
* Gucci
* Coach
* Louis Vuitton
* Jimmy Choo
* Fendi

These are just a few of the very long list of well known fashion designers who create not only beautiful outfits, but also amazing handbags.

What Style?

There are four main styles of handbags that you must know about before you begin your designer handbag shopping expedition.

Over the shoulder - This is the type of bag that most men think of when you say the word "handbag" to them. It's the style of purse that every woman had in the 80's and is worn by being slung over your shoulder.

Over the arm - This style of handbag is worn over the forearm or is held in the hands. It usually features rolled handles for comfort's sake.

Clutch - A clutch handbag is one that is held in the hands and is carried around. It is usually the type of designer handbag that you would find a celebrity who was walking down the red carpet carrying.

Combination - A combination handbag is one that can be more than just one style of bag. For instance you may find a clutch that can be turned into an over the shoulder bag, or a Louis Vuitton replica handbag that can be worn over the arm or over the shoulder.

Price Range

The other thing to know about designer handbags before you go shopping is the price range. In general, designer handbags are just as expensive as anything else you'd find with a designer's label slapped onto it. Designer handbags are often sold at outrageous prices for one reason and one reason only: women pay the price for them. If they didn't, these designers would never charge thousands of dollars for a bag.

Replica designer handbags, however, make it easy to be able to afford any style of handbag you'd like, without having to make such a huge dent in your wallet. The Damier Canvas Hampstead PM is a classic Louis Vuitton handbag that many women adore. The price of it in a boutique, however, is prohibitive, but a replica version will allow you to be able to own the handbag you want without paying a high price.

By Jd Theiss

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