Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Handbag - How to Convince Your Man You Really Do Need a New Bag

I'm sure we all have had this conversation: "do you really need a new bag? You have a closet filled with bags already and you hardly use those..." and when you try to explain he's looking back at you like your speaking a language he doesn't understand. This is probably true so lets explain things so men will understand why we do need a new handbag!

Any man will see that camouflage is a great thing in certain situations. There is a good reason the Army uses it as it is all about blending in with your surroundings. Just to make a point, you can't bring your gorgeous red bag to a funeral.

I'm sure your man has a favorite team, or one in every sport. To make sure we don't forget which team he supports he watches the game wearing a jersey (and probably all matching accessories even if he doesn't call it accessories). We don't support a team we have our favorite designer and need to have at least one bag in every style.

You don't wear your winter clothes to the beach on a hot summers day unless you like to overheat. Most men like science so he will understand that black attracts heat so that's why you can't find a black beach bag even if your life depended on it. A canvas bag in the middle of a snow storm isn't a good thing either so this is why we need a bag for every season.

If he would take his precious car to the garage to have it fixed he wouldn't leave it there if the mechanic was wearing a suit. First impressions do matter and you have to look the part to for people to trust you. That why you can't show up at a job interview with just any bag it has to look the part too.

If he comes back with the reply "who cares about this" well half the world population is female and we do care!

By Anna Hughes


Isabella said...

There isn`t time when you don`t need a new handbag!!! :)

nikky D'Bereo said...

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