Monday, February 2, 2009

What's New in the World of Designer Handbags?

Not all handbags are made equally, some are classics, some are trendy and others are practical. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, fabrics and colours. Handbags are designed not only to hold your belongings but also to make a fashion statement so you need to make sure that you get it right.

When categorising handbags you should think of them in two different ways; the shape of the bag and the way you carry it. Remember in fashion it's the little things that count and that mean a lot. It is due to facts such as this that most of us have bags for evening use, for travelling, for casual shopping days and a different one to take to places such as work/school/college etc. Let's face it you couldn't go to work or college with the same bag that you would use to go out clubbing!

The inside of our handbags are considered to be personal; they are where we store all of our daily essentials. The outside of the bag however is far from intimate it is a commercial selling point. It demonstrates style and personality. The handbag remains a desirable item and holds must have status.

All of us want the best when it comes to accessories such as our handbag. The whole concept of the handbag in fact has become even more significant over the past two decades. In the, for example, 1940's you wore fashion primarily in your clothes. In our society today clothes are mixed and matched and handbags are part of the new freedom of fashion. It is a lot cheaper to pay for a small bag than an entire outfit and a new bag can change the entire look of an old outfit.

The concept of what makes a good handbag will continue to be invented and re-invented at the turn of every season. Too many women, a bag is the entry-level item to the luxury market and one of the most popular forms of handbag in recent times is the designer handbag.

Designer handbags are created by reputable fashion designers and they often clearly display the designer's initials and/or logo. Designer handbags are used to enhance the status and style of women; in fact in many cases these bags are even collectors' items or have become highly famous due to a number of celebrities wearing them.

As you are probably aware there are a number of different designer handbags currently on the market today so deciding which one to opt for can sometimes be a bit of a challenge; so let me give you a bit of a hand. One of the most up and coming designer handbags are made out of Acacia wood. They are handcrafted and uniquely designed and they are taking the world by storm!

Whatever occasion you need your designer handbag for you will be able to make use of one of the many Acacia wood designer handbags straight from the Rocio collection. So get in with the latest trend and get your Rocio designer handbag now!

By Helen Cox

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