Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tips For Shopping at a Coach Outlet

1. CALL AHEAD Before you head out the door for your day of shopping, it is good to call ahead to see if the outlet store is carrying the model you are looking for. Since each Coach Outlet has a different inventory, you might be able to visit another outlet store to find the model you are looking to buy.

2. GET THE OUTLET COUPON BOOK Most outlets have a coupon book. Although the Coach Outlet is never in there, it is worth a try each time.

3. GO TO THE COACH STORE When you arrive at the outlet mall, go to the Coach Outlet first. Every minute you spend in another store, is a minute that another person could be getting your purse.

4. SEE IT! LIKE IT! GRAB IT! If you like it, DO NOT put it down until you have for sure made a decision on another handbag. It is possible for the handbag to disappear while you are trying to make your decision. Load up as you walk around the store. You can always put the ones you do not want back later.

5. BROWSE THE STORE Outlet stores have deals everywhere. It is good to walk around the store a number of times, to make sure you see everything. Browse the store slowly a few times to make sure you have found all the deals.

6. BUY IT! You are at an outlet store that will be busy all day with customers. It is a good chance if you think about your purchase or wait until later, the handbag will be gone. Seize the moment and make the purchase.

7. BUY THE CLEANER! Coach makes product cleaner for each type of handbag material. After spending hundreds of dollars on handbag, invest a few bucks to keep it looking great. For around $10, you can pick up a cleaner to keep your handbag looking great.

8. ENJOY YOUR DESIGNER HANDBAG Have fun with your new purchase. And show off your new handbag to your friends.

I hope these tips will make your next Coach Outlet experience a great one! Have fun shopping while you save money on your new Coach handbag.

By Betty Baylor

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