Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handbags With Interchangeable Covers - Are They Worth It?

I'm not going to beat around the bush here. I just LOVE the concept of interchangeable covers for handbags! I can't afford a lot of handbags, or even ONE of the terribly expensive designer handbags. The interchangeable system allows me to have a handbag for every occasion and outfit in my closet.

I can have a sedate purse for work and then when I go out at night I can change it to something snazzier in less than a minute. No emptying all the contents and then deciding what I can take vs what I need to leave behind. All the contents stay put and I just change the cover or shell. I can have over 10 shells in my closet and with the hanging organizer, it takes up less room than one or two blouses! Do you have all your purses on the closet shelf and have you ever had them come down on your head when you were trying to pull out the one you wanted? No more with this fantastic product. Most bases come in either black or brown and you can get them with either a long strap or a short one (or both).

On the sample bags that I have seen the insides are roomy, with plenty of compartments for storage and organization of all your "essentials". The covers are held in place with powerful earth magnets. With these types of magnets there is no need to worry about damage to your credit card magnetic strips, cell phones, iPods or digital cameras. It's a worry free system! There are currently several companies offering these types of bags and new shells are being designed everyday. I'm sure that every woman will be able to find two or three or ten that she likes.

It's hard sometimes to come across a product that grabs you. While I am not a purse fanatic, I do like them to be stylish and complimentary to what I am wearing on a given day. On the other hand, I dislike switching the contents on a daily basis - or even a weekly basis. We women tend to get comfortable with our purses and this system makes me comfortable!

By Anne Jamieson

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