Monday, January 26, 2009

Glamor Gucci

It has graced songs and almost all the red carpet but people just can't quite get enough of Guccio Gucci's line of designer bags since they started to grace the hands and shoulders of numerous upper elite socialites and A-list celebrities.

Being able to strut with a Gucci is a goal that little fashionistas dream about when they are facing the mirror trying to put together a look for a party or just for another day in their seemingly unglamorous lives. Dreams of having a bag named after themselves stream from their consciousness. Since not everyone can be a Jackie, the next best thing would be to own a Jackie O Gucci handbag.

Through the years Gucci had been able to harness the practicality of leather and bamboo to create countless designer bags but each remains unique from the last. This distinction in designer bags is what draws us to them. There is always something inside that we know would be a trademark but every handbag feels different. Perhaps it is the weight they have in our hearts that make the difference.

In the heart of ever Gucci designer bag is the handiwork of Guccio Gucci's hands. Although he is no longer around to oversee his empire, he had his sons ensure that the Gucci bag would remain one of the best in the world. Old world classic and new world order in every designer handbag, that almost seems an appropriate mantra for every fashionista.

So next time you think glamour, think Gucci.

By Paul John Collins

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