Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vera Bradley Designer Bags

The Vera Bradley Company (Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.) is an American company that began in 1982 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The idea for the company came to creators Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard when they found themselves waiting in the Atlanta airport together in March 1982. Upon observing people moving in every direction, both women noticed that most of the pieces of luggage women travelers were carrying were dull, boring and decidedly unfeminine.

The Vera Bradley line was named for Baekgaard's mother, and has become well known for soft, bright colors in purses and bags with a decidedly feminine look. Vera Bradley purses and bags are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, whatever your style you should be able to find something to match it here.

Most Vera Bradley purses have Persian designs and patterns. It is not hard to find the mixture of sheer softness, female design, and rare sophistication when you look in all the right places, especially if you are looking to find the Vera Bradley collection.

The Vera Bradley purses come in varied styles and designs and the prices vary for each of the types. It is a lot of fun to go for shopping for a new Vera Bradley purse. You can get purses for differnt occasion/ purposes. There are some Vera Bradley purses that are ideal for work or weekend fun; there exist small purses suitable for a night outing; some purses are ideal for business trips since they fit your laptop with ease. Metro is an example for this.

What does Vera Bradley's fantastic world have for you in regard to colorful, ultra-feminine purses? See for yourself. Some of the most popular purses from Vera Bradley include Cargo Sling, Hannah, Amy, Curvy Tote, Lindsay, Katie, Sherry, Lola, Betsey, Little Betsey, Villager, Messenger, and a purse rightly named Vera!

The Cargo Sling looks fashionable and it has a lot of space to carry all of your essentials. This sling-style purse has an easy accessible strap that can be adjusted and is made to fit closely against the shape of your body. Kensington is just one of the available patterns you can pick from.

The Katie purse is small and if a purse can be adorable, this one is. This purse is perfect when you just need to carry a couple of things. It is also versatile because it can be used to fit inside a larger bag if need be. The Katie purse is also a good choice for the young girl in your life who has just begun to learn about purses. Buy one for your daughter, younger sister or niece and educate her properly the Vera way!

By Andrea Dilea

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