Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap - New 2008

Do you own a Coach Handbag? If you are thinking about purchasing a handbag and want a bag that all your friends will be jealous you have then you should consider a Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap. This handbag is new for the 2008 season and comes in there famous monogram design or you can get the leather.

Coach is a handbags and accessory company that has been around since 1941. They started with making small leather products and eventually got into luggage, shoes and some clothing items. The best thing about buying a Coach handbag is that the price and style that you get is comparable to a high end designer handbag that cost 2-3 times as much money. The leather that is used to make a coach handbag is one of the best that is available.

The Coach company in the 60's hired a designer that made there signature brass fixture lock that you see today on most of there handbags and wallets. She saw this type of lock on a convertible car and decided this would make a great lock for the handbags she was designing. Also during this period of time the company really started to use colors in all of there products. Before this most handbags were either brown or black and did not have much style to them. She used colors also to match all the bags to the smaller accessory items such as key chains and wallets.

If you are in the market for a designer handbag and can't decide which is best for you then you should definitely consider a Coach handbag.

By Roy Leadwell

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