Monday, December 8, 2008

Coach Carly - Save Big on Your Next Handbag Purchase

Coach Carly is a great purse for any person no matter your lifestyle. The great size of the handbag let's you throw in just about anything you can need. The classy look makes a great addition to your professional wardrobe and business meeting.

The Carly handbags comes in all leather or signature pattern so you choose which suits your personality. This is great because you can choose the classy look of an all leather handbag or the fun signature pattern. The signature pattern also has a contrasting leather color which adds to the overall fun of the handbag.

And now there is a way to save at least $100 when you purchase your Coach Carly handbag just by shopping smart online.

The Carly handbags retail for $349-$498. But look at these actual online sales, with the lowest one $177.50 and the highest $299. Great news for you! These numbers mean savings to you! (and me!) I love the $498 Carly bag but was not sure I really needed another handbag. For these prices, it is a no brainer.

Here are the Real Sales -

New coach signature slim carly bag sold $249.99

Authentic coach optic signature carly sold $242.02

Large coach carly shoulder bag sold $202.50

Coach khaki brown carly hobo handbag sold $299.00

New coach chocolate tonal signature carly purse sold $177.50

Rare coach signature patchwork carly exotic sold $275.00

Coach carly authentic purse tan sold $227.50

Authentic coach signature large carly bag kha/blc sold $265.00

Coach carly in chocolate sold $227.50

These are all savings that you can have also. You have online coach deals at your fingertips. Shop online for your Coach Carly handbag and save big money!

Save over $100 on your next Coach Carly purse.

By Betty Baylor

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