Saturday, November 1, 2008

Selecting The Right Authentic Designer Handbag

With so many choices on the market, just how do you select the right authentic designer handbag which will suit your needs? Not only should you choose a designer handbag which is stunning and one that matches your fashion collection, but it should match your body-type as well among other things.

Stop going after the most up-to-date fashion craze when selecting an authentic designer handbag and instead look for something which you will look good with when you use them and is practical as well. Aren't handbags supposed to hold your possessions too?

Most women make this blunder of buying a handbag that is bigger than their body size or vice-versa and this could have a bad effect on their whole outlook when they go out to flaunt that new purchase.

If you are not a tall person, you should select a bottled-shaped handbag or a knapsack which is not very big. However, if you have a model-like figure, tall and slim, you should go for round or square-shaped handbags.

Choosing the precise color for your authentic designer handbag is equally important. If you need a handbag which can match most of your dresses, you should select a colorful style handbag. Do keep in mind to match the color well with dresses that you own.

Most women tend to be more sensible and will go for a plain-colored handbag as this will easily match with anything that you have in the wardrobe. This prevents you from having a headache when you need to go for an outing with a matching handbag.

Do not overlook your budget as well. Some may even opt for replica designer handbags but is it really what you want to blow your money on?

It can look the same and have the same appeal with great prices to boot but certainly you will feel awkward when walking beside a friend who holds an authentic designer handbag.

Not all authentic designer handbags have to be very expensive though. There are many vendors selling them at wholesale prices if you can find them. Remember to also select an affordable authentic designer handbag for your needs.

By Sofia Saliem


Designer Handbags Fan said...

Its true that today its easier than before to buy designer bags due to online market. However you have to be sure of authenticity so that you do not waste your money

John said...

nice handbag....