Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag

In United States alone, a lot of people are engaged in selling in fake branded products and according to one estimate the $20.0 million products are from fashion trade such as sunglasses, designer handbags and watches etc. Due to high demands of these products, there are people who manufacturers and sell some fake branded products more often for a quick earning.

If you have a plan to purchase a designer handbag, and want to know how to spot a fake handbag, you should first see the quality of the handbag very carefully. Although you may find a number of designer handbags available in the market, you have to see these handbags very carefully so that you can really distinguish between the genuine and fake designer handbags.

The first point to look for the designer handbag is to see the material quality, as the original branded designer handbag will have the excellent material finish and quality. The fake designer handbag can thus have a poor material quality as well as the stitching will be also of poor quality. Stitching should be carefully looked for especially inside the designer handbag as well as in and around the pockets.

Many designer handbags come in excellent packing and thus the level of packing can also give an indication about the fakeness of the handbag. You should also look for the logo design and serial number attached with most of the designer handbags. This logo can also lead to the clue about the genuineness of the branded designer handbags. You should also look for some other features such as lining and overall finish of the materials before making a decision to purchase the designer handbag.

You should opt for a genuine designer handbag and if you try to bargain the cost of the designer handbag with the seller, you may probably land with a fake designer handbag. If you bargain for the price of an original designer handbag, you should make sure that the seller is reducing cost from the original designer handbag. Many a times, the seller may sell you a fake designer handbag as soon as you start bargaining.

By Brian Cliette

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