Friday, October 3, 2008

Designer Handbags - Can You Tell About a Woman's Personality by Her Handbag?

Sylvester Stallone's mother could tell a person's character from reading his or her posterior! Now isn't that interesting? Well handbags can also say a lot about you just as tarot cards! Handbags may not predict your future like the tarot cards would, but they can surely throw some light on the woman and her character. Carry a funky looking guitar purse like Phoebe from the famous sitcom Friends and I can say that you have weird quality about yourself.

Jokes apart, handbags can truly tell a lot about who you are. Do you watch Desperate Housewives? Have you seen how Linette would go for that bulky bag while Gabrielle will always insist on her under shoulder bag? Yep it is that easy! How? Let's see.

• A under shoulder bag will mostly indicate that the lady belongs to the sophisticated class. She associates herself with high society and considers her purse to be more of an accessory than a necessity.

• The large shoulder bag associated mainly with young adults who will have their books and binders in it, will also indicate that the lady who is carrying it is most probably practical, down-to-earth and prefers to keep her things readily available. Although to tell you the truth fishing things out of a cluttered bag is not that easy!

• The designer bag is for the rich, high-maintenance lady who expresses herself in style. She is mostly pretty loyal to her fashion and will probably always give fashion a great deal of importance. They believe in having the best - men or fashion alike!

• Buckles and Zippers in adequate number in your purse may actually indicate a wild you! The one who is for fun all the time - do it and then think variety. You will also probably prefer leather purses in dark colors.

• Ones carrying the stylish cigar box purse would be those who have a mind of their own. They think straight and they know that they deserve to stand out in the crowd. These women are very elegant in their behavior and also in conversations.

• Bright colors like a blazing red and bubble gum pink or a shocking green may indicate that the woman is fun loving, lives life to the fullest, can be approached and is warm at heart. Chances are she will hit off easily and won't take things to the heart. It also indicates people young at heart.

• The legendary black and brown color indicates a poised woman, probably reserved in her association and quite serious in her demeanor. They are not snobbish at all, on the contrary if you get to know them you would realize that they are very down-to-earth and can be loyal friends and guides.

So next time that you are out on the streets keep an eye on the crowd. You can even try out your newly gained knowledge among your colleagues and see for yourself that it is quite accurate! Why, even your own handbag collection will speak for itself!

By Gregg Hall

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