Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gucci Handbags are the Essence of Style

Accessories are essential elements of fashion. Women who want to create a stylish statement with her appearance know that designer handbags can do a lot to complete a smart and tasteful outfit.

And when designer handbags are talked about, Gucci is one of the labels that would surely be mentioned. Gucci would be one of the designer labels that make the most cherished and glamorous handbags in the market.

However, just like the other merchandise with designer labels, Gucci handbags are quite pricey. But this expensiveness is exactly what characterizes the excellence and beauty of Gucci handbags.

For people who cannot afford the price tag of the authentic Gucci handbags, they do have a less expensive alternative - wholesale designer handbags, which are available at discount prices.

Wholesale designer handbags are definitely more affordable, but are still able to keep the same class and the same elegance. They are able to preserve their dazzling appearance that could transform your overall look from sensuous or exciting into refined, playful or lively. Wholesale designer handbags basically do not change the sophisticated designs, cutting-edge elegance and stylish patterns, which are characteristic to other fashionable handbags.

Ultimately, wholesale designer handbags prove to be great alternatives. They are fabulous investments with their long-lasting and stylish look, since Gucci merchandise are renowned for their durability.

After some time, you would be able to realize that shopping wholesale is not a bit less reliable compared to any other shopping method. The only difference would lie on the benefit that you would be getting when you use the services of a wholesaler who is dependable: with the lower price you would be paying for buying the handbags which would suit your style and taste.

By Bill Pratt

Gucci Queen White Leather Hobo

Product Description

As you step out with your fabulous Queen hobo from Gucci, you're clearly a distinguished member of fashion royalty. Soft leather trim adds a touch of luxe, while the large faux buckle bow lends the perfect fancy flourish. SmartBargains Style #1111488162

Product Features

* "Queen" white patent leather hobo from Gucci with large metal front buckle. Vinyl and genuine leather trim.
* Bag measures approximately 15'' long x 10'' tall x 2'' deep. Raised leather handle measure approximately 16' 'in length and have an 8'' drop.
* Handle is attached to the bag by two silver buckles at each end. Open entry top with inner magnetic closure.
* Leather trim around the edges, top opening, and across the front and back of the bag. Large white faux buckle acts as a front decoration.
* Fully lined interior with a black fabric. Holds a wallet, cell phone, make-up case, sunglasses, and other everyday items.

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