Monday, August 11, 2008

Fur Handbags are a Luxury Item that Every Woman Deserves to Own

Alright. So your wallet, keys, cell phone, makeup, and whatever else you keep in your handbag probably do not need to be kept warm, but that is no reason why they should be deprived of being carried in style.

Fur handbags are most definitely in style right now. Whether it is a handbag with just a tuft of fur or a full-out fur handbag, it is in style. Fur handbags are beautiful accents to any sort of fur gloves, fur hat, fur coat, or fur boots that you may already be wearing, but a fur handbag also looks gorgeous on its own.

Yes, it has been said in the past that your handbag must match your shoes and your shoes must match your belt, etc. But this is not at all true these days. Yes, it is true that your handbag should match your shoes in style, but not necessarily in color. For instance, you probably do not want to carry your fur handbag while wearing flip flops (although, it could be quite a fashion statement), but a leopard print fur handbag would look great with some classy gold heels.

But do not worry about finding the perfect shoes -- your fur handbag can be the centerpiece of your outfit. No matter what fur your fur handbag is made of – from exotic fur to faux fur – it is going to be an accessory that will get you noticed.

A fur handbag is also an excellent item for you if you are just starting to get into fur. It is not such a dramatic piece as a fur coat and is therefore an easier way to ease yourself into the wonderful world of fur.

Is there anybody who does not deserve a fur handbag? Not in my book. Everyone deserves to have at least one exciting and luxurious item, like a fur handbag.

By Anne Clarke

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